Frequently Asked Questions


How far in advance must I make a reservation for an event?

Each space has specific guidelines or rules associated with them. You can view the requirements for each space by clicking the “About” button next to the associated reservation template on the Event Management System. 

General guidelines for scheduling space:

  • Small spaces: 7 days before event date
  • Large or outdoor spaces: 15 days before event date

What if I want to make a reservation last-minute?

Contact the appropriate facility scheduler directly to inquire about a short-notice request. It is at the discretion of the department to decide if they can accommodate a last-minute reservation. Late fees may apply for short-notice requests, so planning ahead is encouraged!

Why do I see a cost for space and services when I submit a reservation request?

Student Organizations and TWU Departments are granted discounted rates for certain room fees.

Additional event costs may include:

  • Tables/chair/equipment delivery
  • Set up staff
  • After hours building attendants
  • Security

Inquire with the appropriate facility scheduler for low-cost event alternatives and ideas. 

How do I read my reservation confirmation that I received via email?

Please see the Understanding Your Reservation Confirmation Guide  to help you. 

Is there a fee associated with canceling a reservation after a certain date?

Some pre-paid fees may be forfeited if cancelling a reservation less than two weeks prior to the event.

Fees may also apply if you do not formally cancel your event. Contact the appropriate facility scheduler to inquire about applicable cancellation fees.

Can I schedule an event beyond normal building hours on campus?

Some spaces on the Denton campus allow this option, however, additional fees may apply. Contact the appropriate facility scheduler to inquire about scheduling space outside of normal building hours. 

Reservations made outside building hours must be made a minimum of 15 days in advance. 

What approvals do I need for my event reservation?

Reservations made through the Event Management System (EMS) will automatically go through a series of approvals depending on the nature and scope of the event. Events will be assigned the following statuses during the approval process.

You may view the current status of your event requests on the Event Management System by clicking on “My Events” on the left menu. The current status will be listed next to each reservation.

EMS Reservation Request Process


Can we decorate prior to our event?

  • Decorating set-up time may be added to your reservation upon request.
  • Items may not be attached to floors or walls by use of tape, pins, putty, 3M Command Strips, etc.
  • No glitter or confetti may be used in any reserved space.
  • Candle use is limited to specific venues.

When considering decoration options, please contact the appropriate facility scheduler to ensure they abide by the facility policies.

What do I need to grill outside on campus?

Complete the Grilling Permit Form through Environmental Health and Safety.

Changing Reservations on the Event Management System


How can I add equipment or change set-ups for my event?

View the video tutorial on Changing Reservations on the Event Management System.  

Can we have food at our event?

Student Union:

Recognized student organizations using non-university funds (only) will be allowed to select their food vendor in the Student Union.

Any other group/department is required to cater events through the campus food service provider or a vendor on the Catering List.

Brown bag lunch meetings/programs are permitted as long as the brown bag lunches are consumed by the individual bringing the lunch.

All Other Spaces:

You can select your own food vendor in buildings other than the Student Union, but please make sure you clean up after yourself. 

*Please note that some spaces on campus do not allow food or beverage consumption. Follow all posted signs and indications on the online reservations website. 

Which events require security?

Events may be reviewed for security assignment that meet the following criteria:

  • Attendance of 100 or more
  • Cash is exchanged (other payment methods are exempt)
  • Alcohol is served
  • Amplified sound is used in outdoor venues

The Special Events Committee meets every-other week. Security assignments will be listed in the reservation confirmation email.


What if I am bringing a laptop to use for a presentation in the Student Union?

A Mac or PC laptop will work just fine in the meeting rooms, however you must bring your own connector cable (HDMI or VGA and DVI to VGA adapter) for connecting to the installed technology in the meeting rooms. 

I am showing a movie, what license rights do I need to provide?

Anyone wishing to exhibit a motion picture on campus for non-academic credit use must provide documentation as to where the license was obtained. The copyright owner is usually listed in the credits of the film. Often, the distribution company is authorized to grant public performance rights. It is recommended that you use a distribution company such as Swank Motion Pictures or Criterion Pictures to obtain the film. Netflix or using personal copies of the film is not recommended. If you can't find out who distributes the film, you can call (310) 247‐3020, to the Reference Library of the Motion Picture Academy. The cost to purchase public performance licensing for a film varies by age of the film, popularity of the film, and at times the distributor.

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