Minor in Speech-Language Pathology

The field of speech and language intersects with other areas of study such as special education, early childhood education, health studies and psychology. If you are a student with an interest in speech and language development and disorders, you may choose to minor in speech-language pathology (SLP).

This minor requires 21 semester credit hours.

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Course NumberCourse Name
COMS 2223 Intro to Communication Sciences and Disorders
COMS 2233 Anatomy & Physiology
COMS 3333 Phonetics
COMS 3503 Speech Intervention
COMS 3063 Preschool Language Development
COMS 3523 Audiology
COMS 4623 Brain & Language

Please Note: Completing this minor does not meet the requirements for a job as an SLP assistant or the prerequisites for TWU’s SLP graduate program.