CEP Membership

Tamby Allman, Deaf Education
Joyce Armstrong, Family Science
Cathy Banks, Math, Vice President
Mandy Biggers, Biology
Connie Briggs, Reading
Suzanna Dillon, Kinesiology
Karen Dunlap, Teacher Education
Becky Fredrickson, Teacher Education
Holly Hansen-Thomas, Teacher Education
Lybeth Hodges, History/Government
Sarah McMahan, Teacher Education
Jennifer Moore, Library Science
Ilana Morgan, Dance
Aimee Myers, Teacher Education
Diane Myers, Teacher Education
Lynda Peebles, Chemistry/Biochemistry
Ed Steffek, Student Representative
Annette Torres, Reading
Laura Trujillo-Jenks, Teacher Education, President
Jerry Whitworth, Teacher Education
Sarah Jennings, Student Representative

EPAC Membership

Lizzy Asbury, Educational Service Center
Mike Mattingly, School Administrator
Kathy Talbert, School Administrator
Cynthia Jaird, School Administrator
Terrie McNabb, School Administrator
Shelly Enloe, School Administrator
Colette Sallas, Attorney/Parent
Jeanetta Smith, School Board Member
Angela Moore, Teacher
Stephanie Woods, Teacher
Kevin Roden, City Council/Business Owner
Sara Flusche, Community College
Elaine Zweig, Community College

Ex Officio Membership

Gina Anderson, Associate Dean, College of Professional Education
Brandon Bush, Director, Education Preparation Services
Lisa Huffman, PEC Chair, Dean, College of Professional Education
Kim Miloch, Associate Dean, College of Health Sciences
Christopher Ray, Dean, College of Health Sciences
Claire Sahlin, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Shannon Scott - Interim Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Abigail Tilton, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Michelle Williams-Laing, Director, Clinical Practices

Subcommittee Membership

Field Experiences and Clinical Practices Committee

Sarah McMahan, Chair
Connie Briggs
Joyce Armstrong
Jennifer Moore
Ilana Morgan
Tamby Allman
Karen Dunlap
Michelle Williams-Laing

Academic Program Committee

Becky Fredrickson, Chair
Aimee Myers
Mandy Biggers
Sandra Westmoreland
Suzanne Dillon
Holly Hansen-Thomas

Education Student Affairs Committee

Diane Myers, Chair
Lynda Peebles
Jerry Whitworth
Lybeth Hodges
Annette Torres-Elias

CEP Bylaws (pdf)

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