EPP Coronavirus FAQ

Frequently asked questions about TWU’s Educator Preparation Program (EPP) requirements and COVID-19

For extensive FAQ for general students, international students and more, visit twu.edu/coronavirus.

The Office of Educator Preparation Services office is closed. How do I contact my advisor?

To continue to promote health and well-being, the Office of Educator Preparation Services advising services will only be available via email until further notice. Please contact copeadvising@twu.edu with any questions or concerns. Staff from this office can provide phone and videoconference appointment options as well.

Can I schedule a face-to-face meeting with an administrator, faculty or staff member in COPE?

Face-to-face meetings are not happening right now. However, you can request a virtual meeting with an OEPS advisor here. For other virtual appointments, email who you'd like to meet with directly.

Can I register for summer and fall classes?

Yes. Please schedule an appointment with your advisor if you need assistance in registering for classes.

How do I complete my admissions Interview if OEP Services is closed?

The admissions interview instructions are included in the TWU EPP Application in Tk20. When you follow the instructions to set up an appointment for the interview, a Google Meet appointment will be generated automatically.

Can I access resources from TWU TExES Prep Center?

The TExES PREP Center is currently closed, and practice tests are currently suspended. However, it is important you continue preparing for your exams. Many resources can still be accessed online at twu.edu/texes-prep.

I still need to take my TExES certification exam. Will it still be offered?

Pearson testing centers are currently closed. Please continue to check Texas Educator Certification Exam page regarding Texas exams and opportunities for testing.

I am doing my clinical teaching. What will happen now?

TEA has reduced the required number of full days of clinical student teaching from 70 to 35. Please submit your time log to your TK20 field binder.

I am doing my professional certification practicum. What will happen now?

TEA has reduced the required number of hours of professional practicum from 160 to 80. Please submit this documentation as directed by your university field supervisor.

If I am not in a classroom setting for clinical teaching or practicum, what can I do?

Once you have completed the minimum number of days (35 for clinical student teachers) or hours (80 for professional practicum), you are encouraged to continue helping your site supervisors if possible.

  • Schools are working towards online instruction and you may be able to help your site supervisors plan for and design instruction for students. In fact, this may be one way in which TEA may count clinical teaching and practicum hours.
  • Study for your certification exams, and upload any remaining assignments to your TK20 field binder.
  • Exercise precautions and be part of the solution by following new protocols in public places, and follow suggestions to stop the spread of this disease.

If you want more information, you can go to twu.edu/coronavirus.

Are student teaching seminars going to be delivered virtually?

We will inform you if future seminars will be conducted virtually. Please continue to check your TWU email for updates and new information.

What should I do about required field hours?

Your instructor will communicate with you regarding steps for completion of virtual field experience hours.

How do I network for teaching positions if the TWU/UNT Career Fair has been canceled?

School districts have been encouraged to contact TWU’s Career Connections Office to post position announcements.

Several resources such as how to prepare for a video interview can be accessed through TWU Career Connections.

I have a documented disability. Will I receive my needed accommodations in online classes?

Your professor or instructor will defer to your original accommodation letter and provide the appropriate and identified accommodations.

Should you have additional accommodation needs as a result of learning online, please work with your instructor or contact TWU Disability Services.

I have COVID-19, or another illness, and am unable to complete assignments. What do I do?

Instructors will work with students on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your instructor to discuss your situation and next steps.

For more information on everything TWU is doing in the face of COVID-19, visit twu.edu/coronavirus.

Page last updated 3:34 PM, March 30, 2020