Voter Registration Info

Registering yourself to vote is easy to do online with Turbovote! Turbovote is an online form for you to fill out a voter registration form, receive election reminders, and apply for your absentee ballot. Go to Turbovote in order to fill out your form. After you fill out the form, you can have it mailed to you or print it out. You can then go turn in or mail your registered voter form at the following locations:

Denton County Elections Administration
701 Kimberly Drive, Suite A101
Denton, TX 76208

Harris County Tax Office
1001 Preston St.
Houston, Texas 77002

Dallas County Elections Department
1520 Round Table Drive
Dallas, TX 75247

Remember you must be registered to vote at least 30 days prior to the election you plan to vote in.

Texas Voting Laws allow you as students to use your residence hall address when registering to vote. Below are the addresses for the different residence halls on the Denton Campus you can put for your residence address. NOTE: some residence halls have different mailing addresses than the physical location. Ask the front desk at your residence hall if you are unsure about yours.

Guinn Hall: 420 E. University Drive, Denton, TX, 76204

Stark Hall: 1719 Bell Ave., Denton, TX, 76204

Parliament Village: 703 Administration Drive, Denton, TX, 76204

Lowry Woods: 1600 Oakland Ave., Denton, TX, 76204

Page last updated 3:11 PM, June 25, 2020