OWL Talks

The O.W.L. (Outstanding Ways of Leadership) Talk series is for all students interested in honing their leadership skills and preparing for their future.

Spring 2021 Information

All information and zoom meeting links will be located on Pioneer Engage. Please log into Pioneer Engage to RSVP to the sessions, add them to your calendar, and to access the zoom meeting links.

OWL Talk #1 - Recruit your Replacement
Thursday, February 11, 2021- 10:30am
Never have an empty executive board again by creating a pathway to leadership for members in your organization.

OWL Talk #2 - Officer Transitions
Tuesday, March 2, 2021- 3:30pm
Learn about how to create an effective and smooth transition process for the incoming officers in your organization.

OWL Talk # 3 - Inclusion is Essential
Tuesday April 6, 2021- 3:00pm
Build welcoming spaces where all are valued, honored, and respected.

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