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Now you can complete your Master’s in Educational Administration with Principal Certification OR your Principal Certification-only through TWU with our new Pioneer Flex Courses. Pioneer Flex courses are five weeks long and consist of online instruction with two face-to-face Saturday meetings of eight hours each. So a typical semester schedule would be:

  • 1st five weeks one Pioneer Flex class
  • 2nd five weeks a second Pioneer Flex class
  • A third class during the regular 15-week semester

Pioneer Flex classes contain all of the content and rigor of a full-semester class, but in a condensed format. With this schedule you can complete your 36-hour M.Ed. in Educational Administration in 18 months or your 24-hour Principal certification-only program in 12 months. You will participate in a wide variety of experiential learning activities that will allow you to learn and practice the skills of a school administrator through case studies, activities and projects. The program is aligned with the competencies of the Texas Exam of Educator Standards (TExES) for Principals and is designed to prepare you to pass your TExES exam and to be a successful school administrator.

Admission Requirements

  • Valid Texas Teaching Certificate
  • Two years teaching experience (Three years by completion of program)
  • Admission to TWU Graduate School
  • Submit application materials to TWU Department of Teacher Education

If you are seeking the principal certification-only program, you must also have already completed a master’s degree, preferably in an education-related field.

TWU Admission

  • Apply to TWU at
  • At the site, select Educational Administration as your degree and select M.Ed.
  • Select Degree seeking.
  • Indicate that you are pursuing coursework in Educational Administration.


Pioneer Flex Courses — 5 Weeks

ELDR 5103 Leadership in Educational Settings
ELDR 5223 Professional Development and Supervision in Education
ELDR 5323 Administrative Processes in Schools
ELDR 6223 Organizational Leadership: Theory and Practice
EDSP 5043 Administration & Supervision of Special Education (During summer only)
Elective with advisor approval—ILD is the suggested elective
Elective with advisor approval—PDAS or T-TESS is the suggested elective (one hour credit)

Full Semester Courses — Fall and Spring

ELDR 5113 Educational Foundations and Administrative Implications
ELDR 5333 Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Evaluation (Fully online)
ELDR 6113 Education Law
ELDR 5203 Research in Education (Completion of ELDR 6223 Preferred)
ELDR 5973 Professional Paper (Prerequisite ELDR 5203 or equivalent graduate research course)
EDSP 5043 Administration & Supervision of Special Education (During Fall and Spring only)

Sequence of courses

Fall 2017

ELDR 5323 Administrative Process in Schools (Short Semester)
ELDR 5903 ST: Instructional Leadership Development (ILD) (Short Semester)
ELDR 5911 ST: Individual Study—Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS) (Short Semester)
ELDR 6113 Education Law (Long Semester)
ELDR 5333 Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Evaluation (Fully Online)
ELDR 5973 Professional Paper (Prerequisite ELDR 5203 or equivalent graduate research course) (Long Semester)
ELDR 6613 Internship: Principal

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