Message from the Chancellor

Chancellor Carine M. Feyten

Through the efforts of this council, I believe we can keep diversity and inclusion in the forefront of our work across the many facets of Texas Woman’s. Members of the council will learn from each other, share resources, and take ideas and knowledge back into their spheres of influence thereby nurturing our culture of diversity and inclusion from the grassroots.

To ensure a breadth of perspectives, I am comprising the council from the leadership of groups organized around a particular identity (e.g., affinity groups) along with faculty and staff working in positions with a focus on diversity and inclusion more broadly. As leadership in these groups change and staff change, so too will this council’s makeup.

I am so pleased that Dr. Jason Lambert from the College of Business has agreed to serve as the inaugural chair with a three-year commitment. In addition to having a personal commitment to the cause, Dr. Lambert also has a focus on workplace diversity and organizational behavior in his academic life and brings that expertise to the council. The chair will meet with me monthly during the fall and spring semesters and attend my cabinet meetings periodically.

Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D.
Chancellor & President

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