Message From the Chancellor (COVID-19 March 27, 2020 4:32 p.m.)

First Friday fully online

Dear TWU Community,

I hope this message finds you well as this first work week of the fully online transition draws to a close.

A popular meme right now suggests that parents will be the first to find a cure to the coronavirus! Kemi, mother and doctoral student in sociology, wrote to me to share all that she is managing:

“...I work full time, take a full load of classes and am a graduate research assistant...add to my list of duties the roles according to current needs of my four children who are now working and learning online: career coach, 9th grade dean of students, 7th grade academic coordinator, 4th grade teacher, cafeteria manager, dorm mother, help desk representative, gourmet chef, project manager, and athletic director…

I’m taking it all in stride...being present in the moment, focusing on what’s most important, and juggling priorities ...this is a new normal.”

She expounds upon the seemingly impossible logistics of having five or more subjects per child, with teachers who assume each child has her/his own computer, then ends by extolling the value of grace in abundance. Like Kemi, I am tired, and I do not even have kids at home. Many faculty and staff share a version of Kemi’s story. Others are in fragile states of health. Even those in low-risk categories are anxious or stir crazy. “This is the new normal,” indeed!

I will end the week by simply sending my warmest wishes for health, strength, and perseverance. As we move into the weekend, I plan to step up my self-care and take some time away to enjoy spring weather in my yard. In this time of spatial distancing, I hope to keep on being socially present with friends, family, and this gracious and caring Texas Woman’s community.

With a pioneering spirit,

Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D.
Chancellor and President

P.S. For the latest information, check out TWU COVID-19 webpage.

My favorite video of the week is of an Israeli mother who feels that distance learning is harder than it sounds. Her passionate plea makes me laugh in empathy every time.

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