Welcome to Spring 2019

January 10, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

As we return to our respective campus communities, I hope your holiday break was fulfilling in every way. We closed out 2018 on a high note and can be proud of the early progress we’ve made in implementing the strategic plan that we crafted together.  

When I returned to Denton, I marveled at seeing the physical changes that have taken place here at this campus, just in the past year. When all of the new buildings are completed, I am sure that some of our old customs will change—but that kind of change can be healthy. On the other hand, some traditions should never change because they are part of the way we keep grounded and create community. New Year’s is a wonderful way to think about “traditions” and how so many of them have stayed intact over centuries—reminding us that the new year is full of hope and possibilities.  

In America, we gather to celebrate the new year and at midnight offer a kiss to those close to us. Fireworks is an ancient Chinese tradition that has been adopted here and around the world, and we love the sensation of seeing those beautiful lights bringing in the new year.  

From my travels, I know that in Chile, they wear yellow clothing and if they want to travel, walk around the house with a suitcase. In Italy they wear red underwear and throw old items out of a window; in Denmark they ‘jump’ into the new year off of a chair to symbolize the overcoming of new challenges; In Mexico, they eat 12 grapes at midnight with each clang of the church bell (Las doce uvas de la suerte); and of course, the very traditional black-eyed peas are served up here in Texas. These are all beautiful traditions…beautiful because at least for a few moments, they remind us of how it feels when negativity drops away and together, we celebrate the incoming year.  

There are many wonderful traditions here at Texas Woman’s, and they serve the same purpose for us. Perhaps we will even start some new ones that will echo throughout the future.

The year ahead has great promise as we work with the legislature and donors to secure funding that benefits students and state educational goals.  

I appreciate the work that each of you do to promote innovation and heighten our visibility. We have extraordinary opportunities to forge new paths for our students and leverage our historic strengths. Thank you again for all that you do to make Texas Woman’s University a very special place.

Best wishes,

Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D.
Chancellor and President

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