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Leadership Development

The CFE provides comprehensive leadership development programs tailored to the needs of faculty members and academic administrators. This includes workshops, seminars, and training sessions that focus on TWU instructors’ multi-faceted roles, featuring a variety of topics such as effective communication, conflict resolution, strategic planning, grant and scholarly writing, collegial team-building, and the holistic identity of the TWU campus.

Professional Mentoring and One-on-One Consultations

Individual consultations are always welcome. Faculty can use one-on-one consultations to explore common topics of career mentorship, effective assessment, time-management, collaboration among peers, and a variety of other topics.

CFE Sponsored Trainings and Cohorts

Throughout the calendar year, the CFE often sponsors outside trainings, certifications, and conference-cohorts to aid TWU faculty in their professional endeavors. Examples include the Academic Leadership Academy, the Higher Ed Department Chair Academy, Magna Leadership trainings, and more.

Printing and Design Services

The CFE provides poster printing and foamboard signage, as well as graphic design services for faculty and academic units.

Video Services

The CFE video producer is available to assist faculty and academic units in developing video productions tailored to faculty and their academic component’s needs. In addition, the producer provides training in the use of Panopto, TWU’s lecture caption application
that is used to create recordings for on-demand review by students within courses.

New Faculty Orientation

The week before each fall semester, the CFE facilitates an orientation to introduce new faculty to TWU’s immense resources for all three campuses. Colleagues across the university system join-in to welcome and share their expertise on all the faculty and student supportive services made available to the TWU community. In addition to the CFE, new faculty will meet service units such as the Center for Design Development and Delivery (CD3), the Center for Research Design (CRDA), Disability Support Services for Students (DSS), and
many others.

Online Resources

The CFE website features a repository of resources, articles, and other professional development topics, allowing faculty access to information at their convenience.

Spotlight Faculty Achievements

From featuring video interviews with faculty to hosting faculty-led sessions, the CFE provides opportunities to share faculty work and academic accomplishments with the
TWU community.

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