Poster and Signage Pricing

Standard Research Poster 50”x44” - 56”x44” $24
Small Research Poster/Large Poster 48”x36” $22
Medium Poster 24”x36” $19
Small Poster 18”x24” $16
Extra Long  44"x72" $30
  44"x96" $36


Large Foam Board 24”x36” $24
Small Foam Board 18”x24” $18

NOTE: Please provide the department account number for billing when you send your poster file. Poster and signage production services are only for TWU staff, faculty and students and payments are processed via IDT (Interdepartmental Transfers) only.

We cannot accept payment from a "10" (state) account. Accounts beginning with "19" (Grant Accounts) must be accompanied by the Grant IDT invoice and submitted to Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Custom sizes also available. Please contact CFEGraphics to obtain pricing.

Page last updated 12:41 PM, April 30, 2019