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The CFE is happy to continue its partnership with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) by offering the Course in Effective Teaching Practices to a seventh cohort of faculty participants. This outstanding professional development opportunity is the first course designed for higher education faculty that leads to a nationally-recognized Certificate in Effective College Instruction endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE). The opportunity to participate will be offered at no cost to you or your department and underscores our campus commitment to faculty and student success.

The ACUE Course consists of 25 modules that you will complete online working alongside a cohort of other TWU faculty and guided by a facilitator from the CFE. The Course will kick off on September 15, 2023 and will run through April 2024 with course takers completing one online module and writing a reflection on their implementation of the techniques into their class(es) each week. Admittance to the course also requires participation in Cohort Luncheon meetings that will take place twice per semester. The course will cover the following areas: Designing an Effective Course and Class, Establishing a Productive Learning Environment, Using Active Learning Techniques, Promoting Higher Order Thinking, and Assessing to Inform Instruction and Promote Learning. You can learn more about the Course and the content of each module here:

After you have successfully completed the course you will receive the coveted Certificate in Effective College Instruction, a transcript of modules completed, and digital badges for each module/unit to demonstrate their success. Badges that participants earn can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile, used in your online teaching portfolios and displayed on webpages as a sign of your  achievement.

We encourage you to consider participating in this opportunity. Please be aware that TWU and the CFE will make a considerable investment in your professional development with ACUE’s Course in Effective Teaching and thus, once admitted, expects you to finish the program. The Provost's Office and the Office of Faculty Success enthusiastically support this initiative and look forward to honoring all participants at the end of the course with a formal letter of recognition and a campus-wide celebration. The CFE will also be conducting a research study to determine the impact of ACUE’s faculty development course on faculty engagement, learning, and implementation of teaching practices, as well as student engagement, retention, and academic outcomes at TWU. In order to do this we will examine the (anonymized) reflections and surveys you submit as part of the course, your students’ responses on the ACUE student questionnaire that you will distribute, as well as completely de-identified data about your students and course evaluations from the Office of Institutional Research. You can rest assured that we will do everything possible to maintain your confidentiality.


ACUE Sample Module

ACUE Sample Module


Applications for ACUE 2023-24 are open now!

We have an internal application process! To be considered for the ACUE program, please fill out our short application form and send it to — Priority Deadline for submitting your completed application is Monday, May 15, 2023.

Click here to download the ACUE-Form 2023-24.


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