Note: The application process for the 2019 microgrant program has ended, and the recipients have been announced. The next round of applications will begin in fall 2020.

The purpose of this program is to foster greater economic development activity in Texas by encouraging and enabling woman-owned small businesses to undertake new and innovative projects. A total of $50,000 (10 grant awards) is available for this round of funding.

Grant amount: $5,000

Who can apply?*

Eligible businesses must satisfy all of the following conditions:

  • Existing or to-be-formed woman-owned businesses (at least 51% directly owned and controlled by one or more women who are U.S. citizens) with five or fewer employees may apply.
  • The business must be a for-profit corporation, partnership, LLP or LLC, or sole proprietorship. Not-for-profit corporations or similar nonprofit entities are not eligible.
  • If the business or business owner owns the premises from which the business operates, all property taxes must be current.
  • All sales, payroll, and other taxes must be current.
  • Business must be located and/or operated within the state of Texas.
  • The business, business owner, and applicant must not be involved in any pending or current litigation.
  • The business, business owner, and applicant are operating with all required permits and licenses and are conforming to all required laws.

*TWU faculty, staff and students are not eligible to apply.

 What can the funds be used for?

  • Purchase of machinery, equipment, or technology.
  • Addition or acquisition of new inventory or raw materials.
  • Purchase and installation of fixtures or display units.
  • Property improvements that will result in additional business.
  • Marketing or advertising campaigns.
  • Any other business-related activity that CWE deems is aligned with the stated purpose of this program.
  • Wages, salaries or compensation of any kind are explicitly ineligible activities under this program and will not be funded.

What are the grant requirements?

Awardees will receive an initial $2,500 upon signing a grant agreement. The second half of the grant award ($2,500) will be disbursed following satisfactory completion of a small business training course hosted by the CWE and submission and approval of a completed business plan.

  • Funds must be matched by a minimum of 10% owner equity (cash or equipment). The equity contribution must not be associated with debt of any kind. Equity must be committed and available to the project at the time of the grant application.

Application process:

  • Applications will only be accepted electronically. Please combine all materials into a single PDF and submit. Revisions are not permitted following submission.
  • Include documentation that your business is 51% or more woman-owned and controlled. The following are acceptable: Any woman owned certification, sole proprietor/assumed name filings, LLC or LLP documentation, certification of organization, articles of incorporation, partnership agreement or bank signature card.
  • All questions must be answered and all required information and documentation must be included; when submitting an application, the applicant must attach back-up documentation for all expenses (for example: proposals from a vendor, quotes or estimates, preliminary invoices, etc.). Incomplete applications will be automatically rejected.
  • Following submission, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.

After you’ve been awarded:

  • The successful applicant will receive two installments of the award:
  • $2,500 upon being awarded.
  • $2,500 following completion of a small business training course hosted by the Center for Women Entrepreneurs and submission and approval of a completed business plan. Additionally, itemized receipts or proof of purchases made with initial grant funds of $2,500 (costs must have been incurred after receiving grant funding) must be provided to CWE to receive remaining award.
  • You need to meet with CWE staff to talk over the grant specifics and ask any questions you have.
  • You will need to sign a grant agreement BEFORE you can access your initial grant funds.
  • You must attend an approved small business training course. You cannot access your remaining funds until AFTER you have completed the course.


Contact Tracy Irby at or 940-898-2894.

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