Note: The application process for the 2019 microgrant program has ended, and the recipients have been announced. The next round of applications will begin in fall 2020.

Does my business have to already be started?
No, the grant can also be used for a start-up.

Can a non-profit apply?
No, the grant can only be used for a for profit business.

I have more than 5 contract workers – can I still apply?
Yes, you can have more than 5 independent contractors, but not more than five full-time employees.

Do I have to be affiliated with TWU to apply?
No, the grant is open to any woman owned business in the state of Texas. TWU faculty, staff and students cannot apply.

What can be used to verify my business is woman owned?
Proof of woman owned and controlled documentation could include and must show at least 51% ownership: Any woman owned certification, sole proprietor/assumed name filings, LLC or LLP documentation, certification of organization, articles of incorporation, partnership agreement or bank signature card. If one document alone doesn’t show this, send the corresponding agreement with it.

Can wages or salaries be used for grant funding?
No, the grant cannot be used for wages, salaries, contract labor or compensation of any type.

What have past grant winners used the funds for?
Past grant winners have used funds for a computer, software, marketing materials and promotional items, office furniture, a lathe, a vehicle to pull a food trailer.

Can I pay bills with grant funding?
No, bills cannot be paid with the grant funding.

What is the matching requirement?
$500 in owner-equity must be committed to the project. This can be in cash, start-up costs/licensing, supplies or equipment for the project.

What if I can’t attend the small business training class?
These are mandatory. Only those that can’t attend the training in Denton can watch the recorded videos of each section.

What If I don’t have a business plan or mine isn’t current?
All business plans must be current. If you don’t have one we can give you a business plan template or set you up with LivePlan business plan account. Send an email to tirby@twu.edu with your preference.

What kind of project contribution to the economy are you looking for?
Will your project add to the sales tax base, create jobs or have some other contribution to the community.

When are applications due?
The next round of applications will begin in fall 2020.

Should I call to make sure my application received?
No, you will be sent an email confirming receipt.

Where can I get additional questions answered?
You can contact Tracy Irby at tirby@twu.edu or (940) 898-2894.

Page last updated 9:16 AM, November 11, 2019