Society of Student Entrepreneurs

Want to grow that side hustle or learn how to start a business?

Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit by joining the Society of Student Entrepreneurs.

The Society of Student Entrepreneurs aims to expand business opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs through Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and Development (LEAD) activities.

This new organization provides students with entrepreneurial and leadership training, offering hands-on experiences for running a business. Members also will have opportunities to research and commercialize their products in real-life scenarios.

A Student AdvisoryCouncil will be responsible for casting the organization’s vision and creating recruiting and retention strategies for growth.

How can I get involved?

  • Apply to become a member of the inaugural Student Advisory Council (SAC).
    The SAC will consist of 5 students (CEO-Chief Executive Officer, COO-Chief Operating Officer, CFO-Chief Financial Officer, CMO-Chief Marketing Officer, & CPO-Chief People Officer). These students will be responsible for building the student organization, much like building a new business. They will be responsible for creating the mission/vision/values/brand, all things included in starting a business and the programming for the year. Email Donalisa Stinyard, student advisor at to request an application.
  • Join as a member.
    If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to become an entrepreneur, or you already have a business idea and want to explore what’s next, or maybe you are already working a side hustle and you are ready to grow your business then the Society of Student Entrepreneurs is for you.
I want to join!


For questions or more information please contact Donalisa Stinyard, student advisor, at

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