Symposium Instructions for Poster Presentations


Posters should be self-explanatory, allowing the viewer to enjoy and understand your presentation. Posters should be prepared with simple labels, large print, and a clear sequence from beginning to end and should include:

  • Project title, researchers' names,
  • Abstract,
  • Research question, objective or problem,
  • Research theories, methods or procedures,
  • Results and brief conclusions [bulleted lists are best].

Please work with your faculty sponsor to prepare your presentation.

Templates and Instructions

Poster templates can be found on the Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) website. More information regarding developing your poster can found in the Instructions for Creating a Poster Presentation.

Campus Printing Services

Funding is available from TWU for the printing of your poster through one of the two on-campus printing services as long as funds last. Because of the volume of presentations to the Student Symposium and Homecoming activities, it is strongly advised that you begin working with your choice of print facilities ASAP. The final file (ready to print) should be received by the printing service of choice by Tuesday, March 31, 2020. If you will not be able to make this deadline, please contact the person for that service and work them.

Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE): Contact Marli Creeach at 940-898-3784 or email Hours for poster pick up from CFE are Monday – Friday 8-4:30, Stoddard Hall 306 (Denton Campus).

Dallas Campus Office of Technology: To request a poster be printed on the Dallas campus, submit a poster request via the website. For the department billing information, indicate that this will be funded by the Student Symposium.

Other Information

  • The display board is 6’ x 5’ in size.
  • Posters should be mounted on your assigned display board by the time your session begins.
  • Pushpins or velcro must be used to hang your poster. You will not be allowed to use tape or staples.
  • At least one author must be present with the poster during the entire session time.
  • You may wish to have handouts available that provide an abstract or describe your research in more detail.
  • A “photo team” may attend the poster sessions and request a photo of you with your poster. These photos will help TWU advertise the symposium and promote student research support at TWU.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Remove your poster from the display board as soon as your session has ended, so the next presenter can mount her/his poster.
  • Be sure to invite your friends, family and faculty.

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