Student Testimonials

Grace Muir

“The Center for Student Leadership helped solidify and polish my leadership style while also teaching me how to communicate effectively with those who have different leadership styles. It exposed me to situations that helped me identify my passions and to dream big. It also provided ample opportunities to network and meet new people interested and passionate about the same things I am.”

- Grace Davidson, Child Development/Pre-OT, Class of Spring 2019
Brandon Lang

“I gained so much information and knowledge on how to be successful and be a leader from the center. I learned how to be an effective communicator, work efficiently, be patient and lift others up. I learned so much in my time here, and joining this organization was the best thing I have done.”

- Brandon Lang, Kinesiology/Pre-PT, Class of Spring 2019
Estefany Montelongo

“The center provided valuable resources that helped shape my character into becoming a confident and determined leader. My biggest take away was learning the importance and value of surrounding yourself with people of different strengths and ideas in order to have a well-rounded and successful team.”

- Estefany Montelongo, Biology, Class of Spring 2019
Morgan Novotny

“The center helped me discover the kind of leader I want to be and how to reach goals that I have set for myself. I feel prepared and confident that I will succeed not only in graduate school, but also in my professional life. I am truly grateful for all the opportunities and experiences that I had because of the center.”

- Morgan Novotny, Child Development/Pre-OT, Class of Spring 2019
Demarion Pace

“While being a part of the center, I gained confidence in my public speaking and learned about the importance of networking. When being a leader, you are not only thinking about yourself, or for yourself, but for the team as well. Overall, I feel like I became a better version of the person I once was before, thanks to the center.”

- Demarion Pace, Interdisciplinary Studies (EC-6 with ESL), Class of Spring 2019
Sandy Smith

“I gained many leadership skills throughout my role as an officer with the center. I learned when to speak out and to take initiative, along with how there are many ways to step up and lead in my community, school and daily environments to make a difference.”

- Sandy Smith, Kinesiology, Class of Spring 2019

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