Leadership Development

The Center for Student Leadership provides experiential learning opportunities, leadership workshops, retreats and meetings with guest speakers that provide insight into our core values. You can also attend seminars and national conferences such as LeaderShape, the AAUW National Conference for College Women Student Leaders and the National Conference on Student Leadership.


A group of young people sit outside on the grass during a LeaderShape training session

LeaderShape is a yearly conference and week-long intensive leadership training program. National sessions are held in either Boston, MA or Champaign, IL. Leadership Institute members that participate in the LeaderShape conference are in for the experience of a lifetime as they interact with students from across the country and learn exactly what type of leader they wish to be. The Leadership Institute considers this to be one of the best leadership conferences in the United States.

Grace Muir

“The week was full of self-discovery and renewed passion. The time I spent at LeaderShape caused me to look inward, discover the things I am passionate about and discern how I want to make a difference.”

- Grace Muir
Taylor Davis

“Rewarding and effective, LeaderShape taught me how to believe in my vision. Regenerated, I look forward to taking the lessons and constructive feedback I received and utilizing them in my everyday life.”

- Taylor Davis
Emily Galbraith

“LeaderShape is a life-changing experience. The conference helps mold you into a better leader, listener, and follower. It gave me the opportunity to determine what my vision is and how I can make that vision possible, even as a college student.”

- Emily Galbraith
Africa Hernandez

“During this five-day experience, I learned to set goals with a healthy disregard for the impossible and to create a vision for the greater good of a community. LeaderShape helped me understand that I can make a positive difference in the world.”

- Africa Hernandez

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