The University has a site license for PsychData, an online survey software tool. PsychData, is similar to software programs such as Survey Monkey, yet has additional features pertinent to academic research. Some of the advantages of PsychData are that the data is collected more efficiently at less cost (paper, printing, and mailing fees), the data is cleaner, and there is a faster turnaround for researchers. This externally hosted online survey software allows researchers to self-author, distribute, and collect data on the web at any time. In addition, it allows for random assignment within and between surveys.

Faculty researchers must have an account in order to access PsychData through TWU. If you need to establish an account, please send your name, department and email to An account will be created and sent to you via email within three business days. Graduate Students may be issued a temporary account. Advisors will have access to Graduate Student accounts, for monitoring.

For more information, visit the PsychData website at

PsychData FAQs

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