The main goal of CRDA is to promote successful and accurate research.  A key aspect of achieving this goal will be to provide a level of support that fits the needs of the individual being served by the center.  Some students and faculty will be able to work at a higher level of independence than others.  In order to support individuals at this level, lab hours will be provided, which essentially consist of open hours in the center with onsite support in to answer questions and provide guidance as needed. Four to six computer stations will be grouped together where clients can work on their analyses and ask questions along the way.  These computers will contain the needed software and hardware. Lab hours will expand the budget of consulting hours by allowing one consultant to support several clients at one time. Lab hours will allow clients access to analysis software needed and the ability to work independently, getting questions answered immediately without having to stop and set a meeting with the consultants.

Students will need a level of proficiency with analysis software of choice. CRDA will provide manuals or video tutorials to support the common steps.  Virtual lab hours will also be incorporated by having an instant messaging service or virtual “help desk’ service. Possible remote access to software will need to be determined with IT.

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