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What is the Job Shadowing Program?

The TWU Job Shadowing Program, offered to undergraduate students and targeting sophomores, is a way to connect you with TWU Alumni. The program serves as an opportunity for you to observe a professional work setting and gain understanding of an organization's culture, and day to day operations, to aid in your self-exploration and future goals.

March 11-15, 2019

Participate 1 to 5 days during this week.

Benefits of Participating in Program

  • Career Exploration: Gain exposure to career paths and industry fields to make informed major and career decisions.
  • Professional Development: Begin to develop and strengthen your skills, confidence, and industry awareness.
  • Networking: Connect with Alumni and future employers to begin building relationships and connections.

Common Student Questions

  • How should I prepare for the experience? You will attend a preparation session before the program week, and be given preparation resources.
  • How will I be matched with an Alumni? You will be matched with a host based on your selected areas of interest, availability, and location during Spring Break.
  • What kind of companies will be available to me? We will have a variety fields represented in order to give you the opportunity to explore career options.

Student Role

  • Attend a preparation session before program week 
  • Attend a focus group to debrief session after program week
  • Create an introduction email and a thank you letter for Alumni host
  • Actively engage with Alumni host before and during program week
  • Complete a program evaluation and reflection activity

Possible Day Activities

  • Tour of the workplace
  • Attend staff meetings (if appropriate)
  • Review organizational chart, company culture, and work environment
  • Meet and conduct informational interviews
  • Connect with recent grads panel
  • Attend Informational lunch sessions
  • Observe a client presentation
  • Attend a question and answer meeting

How Do I Participate?

  • Complete the application
  • Students are responsible for their own expenses. Consider details regarding parking, arrival, and special accommodations for these days before program week

More Info or Questions

Elizabeth MacDonald, Interim Associate Director, Consulting & Programming

Juan Armijo, Coordinator of Internships, Office of Internships & Experiential Learning

Spring 2019 Applications

Complete the Job Shadowing Spring 2019 Application by Feb. 22!

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