Child Care Vendors

Interested in becoming a partner with SUCCESS?

Responsibilities of Child Care Center

By becoming a partner with TWU’s SUCCESS Program, the child care center is agreeing to the following:

  • Have all applicable state licensing and certifications and will provide list of current accreditations, including the number of staff with CDA or higher degree
  • Collect any remaining child care tuition or costs directly from the student
  • Provide TWU with any requested documentation, such as receipts in a timely manner
  •  In the case of a waiting list, voucher users will not be penalized or treated differently from non-voucher wait listed families
  • Inform TWU if a student withdraws or makes an enrollment change at the child care center
  • Seek the highest rating in the Texas Rising Star program which aligns with the principles and values of NAEYC

 Becoming a Vendor

The following forms will need to be completed before a center can become an approved vendor with the SUCCESS Program:

Once these forms are completed by the child care center, the center will email them to TWU Vendors AND copy TWU SUCCESS staff Debra Stolinsky. Next, the voucher process will begin. 

 Voucher Process

The voucher agreement is a critical piece of creating a partnership between a TWU student parent, TWU’s SUCCESS Program, and the child care center. The voucher outlines the responsibilities of all parties entering the agreement. It also provides a clear explanation of cost for the student and TWU.

Before child care assistance can begin, the voucher will be sent to all parties and must be confirmed before moving forward. 

Payment Process

Payments will be invoiced monthly, on the Monday that is closest to the 16th of each month. If Monday falls on a holiday, then the invoice will be sent on Tuesday.  

If you have a question about a payment, please contact the CARE office.


Page last updated 4:58 PM, January 20, 2023