Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt Courses

Mark your calendars! The Student Healthcare Administration Organization – Dallas (SHAO) will be hosting virtual Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt courses.

NOTE: Only currently enrolled TWU students are eligible for the workshops. Applications are closed until February 2022.  

Lean Six Sigma combines two very popular Process Improvement methods (Lean and Six Sigma) to improve the performance of organizations. Six Sigma is statistically based and focused on improving quality, while Lean is focused on reducing waste. Combining these two methods to approach Process Improvement (PI) has become very popular in recent years. Certificates such as Lean Six Sigma help people become leaders in health quality improvement and is often a requirement to move into managerial position within Quality Improvement departments.

Those who earn the Yellow Belt will be trained in the basics and be able to support Green Belts PI teams. Those with Green Belts will have the toolkit needed to lead or support PI projects.

About the opportunity:

  • Free for TWU students; priority given to those who apply first, although there are application questions which will be reviewed by faculty.
  • In order to be eligible for the Green Belt, successful completion of a Yellow Belt through a Maximum Potential, Inc., curriculum (such as this program) is a prerequisite.
  • More details on lean six sigma workshops here
  • Made possible through a generous grant from the Jane Nelson Institute for Women’s Leadership

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Courses

May 14 (25 spots in each)
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Courses

February 19 – March 26 (25 spots)
May 21 – July 9 (50 spots)

For more information, contact Anastasia Miller, PhD, at (214) 689-6561 or amiller49@twu.edu 

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