Faculty Accomplishments

Spring 2022

Lee Brown, PhD (management) had an entry accepted for publication in The Encyclopedia of Mental Health on the topic Workplace Health. Brown, L.W., & Quick, J.C. (2022) Workplace Health, Encyclopedia of Mental Health, 3rd Edition.He also had a paper accepted into Group & Organization Management. Brown, L. W., Rasheed, A., Bell, R. G., (in press) "How and why? A review of corporate political activity predictors and actions."

Anastasia Miller, PhD, (healthcare administration) was featured as an expert on MoneyGeek.com for the topics of "The Best Health Insurance Companies in 2022" and "The Average Cost of Health Insurance in 2022."

Fall 2021

Megan Burke, PhD, (accounting) and Sandra Gates, PhD, (accounting) had their paper, "The hidden history of Benjamin Montgomery: Slave, manager, and accountant," accepted at Accounting History (an A journal on the ABDC list). John Humphreys (Texas A&M - Commerce) also is a contributor.

Jongwha Chang, PhD, (healthcare administration) had his article, "Does Low Income Effects 5-year Mortality of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients?" published in the International Journal for Equity in Health. His article, "Do Market Characteristics Matter? Factors Associated with Health Information Exchange," was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.    

Shelia Hyde, PhD, (human resources), had her article, “What COVID has taught us about working from home,” published in New Orleans CityBusiness.

Jason Lambert, PhD, (human resources and management ) had his article, "Diversity Climate of Respect and the Impact on Faculty Extra Role Behaviors," published in the Journal of Business Diversity. His co-authored article, "The Great Resignation: Could microaggressions play a role at your company?," was published in New Orleans CityBusiness.

Anastasia Miller, PhD, (healthcare administration) had her article, "Dinosaurs & Young Bucks: Generational Conflict in the Fire House," published in Firefighter Lifestyle and Health Crackyl Magazine. Her article "Generational conflict, alcohol use, and brotherhood: an exploratory survey of a rural career fire department in the Midwest" was published in the International Journal of Emergency Services. Her articles "Why is this so hard for firefighters?" and "Are you carrying more weight than you're putting down?" were published in Crackyl Magazine.

Mahesh (Michael) Raisinghani, PhD, (management information systems) was interviewed by the Denton Record Chronicle to provide insight on rising prices in Denton in its article, "Why prices are soaring in Denton and when they might come down." His article, "Navigating business in the post-pandemic recovery using FinTechs," was published in New Orleans CityBusiness.

Tyrone Smith, EdD, (management) had his article, “It’s Time to Rethink Job Descriptions for the Digital Era,” published by Harvard Business Review.

Spring 2021

Several faculty and staff were recognized for their service to the college and TWU.

Maria Gomez Albrecht, PhD/DBA, (marketing) was elected Prospanica DFW chapter president for the 2021 term. Prospanica DFW is part of a nationwide nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and advocating for the growth of Hispanic MBAs and business professionals in corporate America.

Derek Crews, EdD, (human resources) talked about his new book “Mastering Human Resource Management” on the podcast Life in the Leadership Lane with Bruce Waller.

Anastasia Miller, PhD, (healthcare administration) and Lee Brown, PhD, (management) had their article "An exploratory study of coping mechanism and professional quality of life in Northeast Texas EMS personnel during COVID-19" published in the Australasian Journal of Paramedicine.

Mahesh (Michael) Raisinghani, PhD, (management information systems) wrote an article, "Navigating business in the post-pandemic recovery using FinTechs," that was published in New Orleans CityBusiness on July 23. He discusses how businesses can use FinTechs to achieve success.

David Rylander, PhD, (marketing) was quoted in the “What the Experts Say” section of CreditDonkey.com.

Tyrone Smith, EdD, (management) was named to the 2021 Top 100 HR Tech Influencers list by Human Resource Executive. He also was appointed as Global Director, Head of People Analytics & Insights at Udemy.

Fall 2020

Pamela Baker, PhD, (accounting), led the Accounting and Finance Society in preparing 400 health kits for hurricane victims last year and raised almost $5,000 to pay for the supplies to do so. Baker’s accounting majors participated in the VITA program, a volunteer group that helps low-income taxpayers prepare their tax returns. Baker’s Accounting Theory class (graduate capstone class in Accounting) will aid Samaritan House by helping to review evidence of financial fraud against seniors under the care of Samaritan House. Baker presented a paper about students learning variance management by teaching others at a hospital to use these methods. Baker presented a paper at the Southwest Decision Sciences Institute (SWDSI) Conference covering ways to improve student learning.

Lee Brown, PhD, (management) had his first-authored paper “Nonmarket Responses to Regulation: A Signaling Theory Approach” accepted in Group & Organization Management (GOM).

Maria Barua, PhD, (international business), Pat Driscoll, JD, (health systems management), Jennifer Flanagan, PhD, (management), Gerald Goodman, PhD, (healthcare administration), Dewaynna Horn, PhD, (management), Sheila Hyde, SHRM-SCP, (human resources), Anastasia Miller, PhD, (healthcare administration), Sandra Murdock, PhD, (healthcare administration), Pushkala Raman, PhD, (marketing), David Rylander, PhD, (marketing), Mark Tengesdal, PhD, (finance), Gilbert Werema, PhD, (economics) and Margaret Young, PhD, (marketing) all enhanced their professional development by completing the ACUE course: Microcredential in Promoting Engaged and Active Online Learning.

Derek Crews, EdD, (human resources) published an article in the International Journal of Performance & Productivity Management.

Pat Driscoll, JD, (health systems management), as chair of the Texas Health Resources Community Leadership Council for Dallas and Rockwall, led an initiative that culminated in awarding $1,116,665 for the “Well Together” Dallas/Rockwall Behavioral Health Initiative designed to mitigate depression in individuals in ZIP codes 75212, 75217 and 75032 through a continuum-of-care approach targeting underserved communities. The initiative seeks to maximize the impact of programs addressing behavioral health by using education to reduce stigma, developing a referral pathway to supportive services, and removing barriers in access to counseling and therapy for those who need it most.

Christopher Harris, PhD, (human resources) had a paper published in The International Journal of Human Resource Management.

The paper “But Who Will Help ‘Them’? The Effect of Ethical Leadership on Bullying, Burnout, and Turnover” (ID #17250), by Jason Lambert, PhD, (HR and management), Lee Brown, PhD, (management) and student Caleigh Torres-Nava, won the HCM Best Theory to Practice Paper Award.

Jason Lambert, PhD, (HR and management) had his co-authored paper “The hashtag heard round the world: How #MeToo did what laws did not” published in a special issue of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. Lambert’s paper “Immigrant Stereotypes and Differential Screening” was accepted for publication in Personnel Review, which is listed as A on the Australian Business Dean’s Council journal list. Lambert’s paper “HR Practices, Customer-Focused Outcomes, and OCBO: The POS-Engagement Meditation Chain,” co-authored with Ekaterina Elgayeva and Ekundayo Akinlade, was published by Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal.

Zhen Li, PhD, (management) had her paper “An examination of three-way interactions of paternalistic leadership in China,” co-authored with W. Lau and J. Okpara, was published by the Asia Pacific Business Review.

Anastasia Miller, PhD, (healthcare administration) was accepted into the 2020-2021 TWU Hanover Grant Academy cohort, which provides individualized mentoring on the grant writing process.

Leslie Pearson, MBA, was appointed community engagement chair for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Denton County Board of Directors.

Jeff Radighieri, PhD, (marketing) had his paper “Spillover effect in supplier related product recall: the impact of supplier COO on product evaluations,” co-authored by Jianping Huang, accepted for publication by the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. Radighieri incorporated Markstrat, a marketing simulation software which offers MBA students and professionals a risk-free platform in order to test theories and make decisions, into his course. He was STAR (Students for Teaching and Assignment Recognition) Symposium nominated by students for effective and innovative teaching.

Michael Raisinghani, PhD, (management information systems), who serves as a member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Information Systems SIG LEAD, was appointed as the director of strategic partnerships for the academic year 2020-2021. He also was interviewed by D CEO Magazine about memories of BuzzBallZ CEI Merrilee Kick (MBA ‘09) as a student in his international and global business courses. His co-authored manuscript was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design (IJOPCD), indexed in Cabell’s and 15 other indexes. He was the recipient of the first-ever ISACA Educational Excellence Award. He had his paper “Rhetoric Situation of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Social Media” accepted in the International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design.

David Rylander, PhD, (marketing) partnered with TWU’s Career Services to host a new Career Networking event for business students. Rylander presented an invited workshop on “The Power of Personal Branding” to the Virginia Mediation Network’s 2020 Virtual Fall Training Conference (via Zoom). Attendees received Continuing Mediation Education credit.

Spring 2020

Pam Baker, PhD, (accounting) completed her Certificate as Effective College Instructor training. Baker offered financial literacy training for TWU and high school students via her position as chair of the TWU Spend Well Health and Wellbeing Initiative.

Lee Brown, PhD, (management) had his paper “Nonmarket Responses to Regulation: A Signaling Theory Approach,” co-authored with Goll, Rasheed, and Crawford, published by Group & Organization Management.

Dewaynna Horn, PhD, (management) had her co-authored article “A Cross-Disciplinary Framework to Measure Workplace Wellness Program Success” published in the SAM Advanced Management Journal. Horn completed a year-long leadership development fellowship in Cohort 2 of the Texas Academic Leadership Academy.

Jason Lambert, PhD, (HR and management) published his co-authored article “Mechanisms for hiring discrimination of immigrant applicants in the United States.”

Anastasia Miller, PhD, (healthcare administration) had her article "Potential Predictors of Hospital Length of Stay and Hospital Charges Among Patients with All-Terrain Vehicle Injuries in Rural Northeast Texas" published in the Journal of Injury and Violence Research.

Leslie Pearson, MBA, created weekly live Q&A sessions via Canvas Conferencing for students in online and newly transitioned online class due to COVID-19.

Michael Raisinghani, PhD, (management information systems) was appointed to the X-Culture Advisory Board, effective Aug 1, 2020 - Aug 1, 2021.

David Rylander, PhD, (marketing) was appointed a board member and treasurer for Share: Taking It to the Streets, a homeless outreach organization. Rylander’s article “Preventing Brand Name Blunders in Doing Business across Cultures: Theory and Research," co-authored with Dr. David Pan, was published in the Journal of Global Scholars in Marketing Science. Rylander presented his paper “The Role of Microplastics in Business: Perception and Actions” at the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators (ACME) Conference. Rylander received the Humphries Award for dedication to TWU. Rylander included mini-lecture videos with close captioning in his online classes.

Fall and Spring 2019

Mahesh (Michael) Raisinghani, PhD, (management information systems), Editor-In-Chief (EIC) of the International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies (IJWLTT), received the IGI Global’s 2019 InfoSci®-Journals Distinguished Fellowship Award. This honor is awarded to an IGI Global EIC who has exhibited an outstanding record of success in raising citation, visibility and scholarship of their journal.

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