Dewaynna Horn, PhD

A portrait of Dewaynna Horn

Associate Dean for Accreditation
Associate Professor

College of Business
Program Area: Management - Houston

Professional Preparation

PhD, Jackson State University, Business Administration - Management

MBA, Millsaps College, Business Administration

BS, Belhaven College, Business Administration


Dewaynna Horn, PhD, teaches graduate management courses and has an active research agenda in organizational behavior. She examines individual characteristics such as attitude, personality, values and leadership traits; individual processes such as perceptions, job engagement and career decision making; and the influence these factors on teams, individuals and organizational outcomes.

Representative Publications

Horn, D., Mathis, C.J., Robinson, S.L., Randle, N. (2015).  Is charismatic leadership effective when workers are pressured to be good citizens? The Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied, 149(8), 1-24.  

Rauniar, R., Horn, D., Rawski, G., Yang, J. (2013).  Performance evaluation of a web-based integrated information system across the supply chain. International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management, 8(2),166-194

Randle, N.W., Mathis, C.J., Cates (Horn), D. (2012). Coping to repair the career damage of workplace weight discrimination? Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict,16(1), 89-106.

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