Christopher Harris, PhD

A portrait of Christopher Harris

Assistant Professor
College of Business
Program Area: Human Resource Management

Professional Preparation 

PhD, University of Texas at Arlington, Management with an Emphasis in Human Resource Management

MBA, University of Nebraska at Omaha

BBA, Belmont University


Christopher M. Harris, PhD, teaches a variety of human resource management course at both the undergraduate level and the graduate level. His research interests include human capital, strategic human resource managemen, and organizational citizenship behaviors. His research has been published in journals such as: Human Resource Management Journal, Journal of Vocational Behavior and The International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Representative Publications

Elorza, U., Harris, C.M., Aritzet, A., & Balluerka, N. (2016). The effect of the actual HR system of practices on employees’ discretionary behavior in Spanish firms: A multilevel random coefficient analysis. Personnel Review, 45(1): 121-141.

Harris, C.M. (2016). Human capital. In A. Wilkinson & S. Johnstone (eds.), Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management, Edward Elgar. Chelenham.

Harris, C.M. & McMahan, G.C. (2015). The influence of compensation on leader human capital and unit performance. SAM Advanced Management Journal, 80(1): 33-40.

Harris, C.M., Pattie, M.W., & McMahan, G.C. (2015). Advancement along a career path: The influence of human capital and performance. Human Resource Management Journal, 25(1): 102-115.

Pandey, A., Harris, C.M., & McMahan, G.C. (2014). Transforming talent into triumph: The mediating role of HR behaviors in the human capital – performance relationship. International Journal of Management Theory and Practices, 15(1): 5-26.

Buiter, J.E.M. & Harris, C.M. (2013). Post-merger influences of human resource practices and organizational leadership on employee perceptions and extra-role behaviors. SAM Advanced Management Journal, 78(4): 14-22. 

Harris, C.M. & McMahan, G.C. (2013). Human capital stability: The influence of overlapping tenure on the performance of NCAA football teams. American Journal of Management, 13(3): 78-93.

McMahan, G.C. & Harris, C.M. 2012. Measuring human capital: A strategic human resource management perspective. In D. Guest, J. Paauwe, & P. Wright (eds.), Human Resource Management and Performance: Progress and Prospects, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Harris, C.M., McMahan, G.C., & Wright, P.M. (2012). Talent and time together: The impact of human capital and overlapping tenure on unit performance. Personnel Review, 41(4): 408-427.

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