Repeating Courses

Effective with Summer 2004 registrations, an undergraduate student who attempts a course with the same content more than twice will pay tuition for that course at the out-of-state rate.

TWU undergraduate students affected by this policy are those who register for a course at TWU which they have already twice attempted at TWU since the 2002 Fall Term. The policy does not apply to courses taken at other institutions. Undergraduate students on the Fall or Spring 12th day rolls or Summer 4th day rolls will be counted as having attempted the course, even if they later drop the course. Repeat charges for the non-resident tuition rate will be assessed to the student account after the official census date for each semester or term.

Semester credit hours or contact hours attempted by students for the following types of coursework are exempt from the provisions of this policy:

  • thesis and dissertation courses
  • limited to, individual music lessons, theater practicum, music performance, ensembles, certain physical education and kinesiology courses, and studio art;
  • independent study courses, except when the independent study course has the same content as a course the student has already taken two or more times;
  • special topics courses that may be repeated for credit with different content, except when a special topics course has the same content as a course the student has already taken two or more times;
  • continuing education courses that must be repeated to retain professional certification;
  • other courses which the TWU Catalogs and course inventory printouts indicate may be repeated for credit.
  • If a student must repeat a course in the final semester before graduation in order to meet (GPA) graduation requirements, that student may be exempt from nonresident tuition resulting solely from the repeat course rule.

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