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TWU Biology Ph.D. students receive prestigious travel award for attending international conference

TWU Biology PhD students Sukhbir Kaur and Paramita Basu with their research posters

TWU Biology PhD students Sukhbir Kaur (left) and Paramita Basu (right) with their research posters

TWU Biology Ph.D. students Sukhbir Kaur and Paramita Basu received travel awards from the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) to attend 17th World Congress on Pain. The conference will be held from September 12-16, 2018 in Boston, USA. The award consists of a complimentary registration and a financial grant of $750 US, which will allow Kaur and Basu to attend the World Congress on Pain to present their research and participate in professional development events.

Winners of the IASP travel award are selected based on their previous research presentations at different pain conferences and publications.

Sukhbir will present her research titled “Modulatory role of 17β-estradiol on serotonergic potentiation of TRPV1 expressing trigeminal sensory neurons” which is mentored by Dr. Dayna L. Averitt. The research focuses on understanding novel inflammatory pain mechanism in nerves that may underlie pain conditions that are more common in females, such as migraines. This pain mechanism appears to intensify when hormone levels naturally fluctuate, which concurs with reports of migraine pain worsening when hormones fluctuate. She is currently investigating the molecular underpinnings of this effect with the aim of identifying a novel pain therapeutic target.

Basu will present her dissertation project titled “Euphorbia bicolor (Euphorbiaceae) latex phytochemicals induce long-lasting, non-opioid peripheral analgesia in male and female rats”, which is a collaborative project mentored by Drs. Camelia Maier and Dayna L. Averitt. The project focuses on the development of a non-opioid alternative source for pain relief through plant bioactive compounds. With the side effects of opioids, the results of this interdisciplinary collaborative project are showing progress in alleviating pain through plant-based bioactive compounds. 

The World Congress on Pain is the global meeting aimed to share new developments in pain research, education, and treatment. This meeting entitles to bring thousands of delegates from more than 100 countries, which includes basic scientists, clinicians, researchers, students, and trainees.  

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