Course Requirement Checklist

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While it’s important to research and find out exactly what your specific school is looking for, many schools have a common set of courses that are required for entry. Despite what you may have been told, a science degree is not required for entry into many medical schools. In fact, choosing a major that will allow you to excel and maintain a great GPA is what is commonly recommended.

Coursework requirementSemester credit hoursTWU course/s that meet requirementDate completedGrade
Biology 12 lecture + 2 lab 

Minimum of 2 upper-division BIOL, BACT, or ZOOL courses 

General Chemistry 6 lecture + 2 lab 

CHEM1113/CHEM1111 CHEM1123/CHEM1121

Organic Chemistry 6 lecture + 2 lab 


Biochemistry 3 lecture  CHEM3633     
Physics 6 lecture + 2 lab 


Statistics 3 lecture  MATH1703     
English 6 lecture  Any two ENG courses     
Recommended for MCAT preparation: 
Psychology 3 lecture  PSY1013     
Sociology 3 lecture  SOCI1013     

To be considered for admission to medical school, a total of 90 semester hours of undergraduate work in a fully-accredited college in the United States must be completed prior to enrollment. It is your responsibility to check each medical school’s website to ensure that your coursework will fulfill the required pre-requisites. Science courses for non-science majors are not applicable to departmental/major requirements. 

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