Judging Procedures and Criteria

Download a sample Edible Car Contest judging rubric (pdf).

Round 1

Total possible points: 40

I. Engineering Design Category

Correct size: length, width, height (total = 10 points)

Submitted edible cars must "look like" a car and must not exceed the following dimensions: 4 inches wide (including wheels and hub caps), 4 inches tall (including windshield, car roof, people, etc), 12 inches long (including front and rear bumpers and any other extensions). Allocate points accordingly:

  • 0: no dimensions were met
  • 1: one dimension was met
  • 3: two dimension were met
  • 10: all three dimensions were met

Edible Materials (total = 10 points)

Allocate points accordingly:

  • 2: all materials are edible by humans
  • 2: parts list
  • 2: total cost of car under $15 
  • 2: number of edible materials 1-5
  • 2: number of edible materials greater than 5 

II. Creativity Category

Use of Car Accessories/Attachments (total = 10 points)

Score is based on the number of types of attachments up to 10.

Degree of Creativity (total = 10 points)

Allocate points accordingly:

  • 2: use of a theme, slogan or purpose
  • 2: use of a clever idea or material
  • 2: use of different colors or textures
  • 2: car-like appearance
  • 2: unique uses of materials for special effects

Round 2

Total possible points: 30

III. Racing Categories

Effective Axle/Wheel Design (total = 5 points)

Note: sliding down the incline does not count; the car must roll on the wheels down the incline to count.

  • 0: car does not start on its own slides
  • 1: car rolls down incline with assistance
  • 2: car rolls poorly down incline but without assistance
  • 3: car completes run down incline without assistance but hits the rails on the way down
  • 5: car completes run down incline without assistance and without hitting the rails (these are bonus points)  

Durability (total = 5 points)

Car must make it down incline in order to gain points for durability.

  • 1: car slides down incline (does not roll) but stays intact
  • 2: car makes one run down incline, unable to make second
  • 3: car makes two runs down incline, requiring minor repairs
  • 5: car makes two runs down incline with no repairs (these are bonus points)

Speed (total = 20 points)

This is a test of the actual performance of the car that is dependent upon the wheel and axle design along with the aerodynamic assessment of the car. The fastest fifteen incline completion times receive 6 to 20 points, depending upon placement (the fastest time receives 20 points, the 15th fastest time receives 6 points). A car must roll on its wheels to qualify for time. Sliding vehicles do not qualify.  

Total possible points from both judging rounds: 70

Additional certificate and/or prize awards may be given to select teams not already placing in the top three (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) for:

  • Fastest Race Times
  • Best Smelling
  • Most Unique Use of Materials
  • Best Theme
  • Most Nutritious Materials

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