Raelyn Duncan ’20 and Madeline Quiroga ’19

Raelyn Duncan and Madeline Quiroga met while working as student employees in the Campus Alliance for Resource Education (CARE) office at TWU’s Denton campus. After spending time together outside of work, a relationship blossomed and the two began dating. Coincidentally, they were both students in the Psychology and Philosophy department, with Ms. Quiroga earning her MS in psychological science in 2019 and Ms. Duncan earning her BS in psychology in 2020.

The staff in the CARE office became a second family to the pair, both having experienced challenging dynamics in their own families. At first, Ms. Duncan and Ms. Quiroga felt they needed to conceal their relationship due to worries about how they would be received as a same-sex couple by coworkers. However, they soon discovered that their concern was unfounded as the CARE office staff proved to be accepting and supportive of them.

“Staff from our office volunteered for Free Mom Hugs, which was really special for us.”


Ms. Duncan and Ms. Quiroga found TWU to be an open and welcoming environment for them. With the challenges that they have faced as a same-sex couple, Ms. Duncan and Ms. Quiroga appreciate the time, care and support  that the university gives to members of the LGBTQ+ community, which was demonstrated at a National Coming Out Day event that they attended on campus in 2019.

“We are both so lucky to have attended TWU. It's a place where you can be 100% your authentic self and be accepted.”

Ms. Duncan was recently offered her first full-time job and is hoping to be accepted as a graduate student in TWU’s Psychology and Philosophy department. Ms. Quiroga is working towards earning her teaching certificate.

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