Chapter Criteria

In order to affiliate with TWU, Chapters must meet the following criteria:

  1. Work to promote the University through:
    1. Funding research
    2. Hosting or mentoring students
    3. Aiding in student recruitment
    4. Offering scholarships
    5. Offerings internships or job opportunities
    6. Annually giving
    7. Providing opportunities for faculty
    8. Sharing information relevant to University’s mission, goals, growth and current events
    9. Sharing University branding and marketing
  2. Engage and connect with alumni through:
    1. Fostering connections among former students and the University (book clubs, job shadowing)
    2. Encourage alumni to participate in University activities
    3. Sharing information relevant to University’s mission, goals, growth, current events or professional development opportunities
    4. Enhancing communication between Alumni, Alumni Chapters and the University
    5. Providing or helping with networking opportunities
  3. Support students through:
    1. Mentorship
    2. Scholarship

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