Hallmark Alumni Nomination Form

The Hallmark Alumni Award is presented to TWU graduates who, through their education and personal conduct, have made a significant positive impact on their profession or community. They have demonstrated initiative, implemented a bright idea or accepted a major challenge and achieved significant results. As rising young stars exemplifying a "can do" spirit, they have brought honor to themselves and Texas Woman's University through their accomplishments and service to others.

Please note: Persons who are employed by TWU, members of the TWU Alumni Association Board of Directors, the TWU Foundation Board, members of the TWU Board of Regents, members of the state legislature and others directly related to the regulation of higher education in the State of Texas are not eligible. These individuals are eligible five years after completing their service.

Criteria to be Considered for Award: 

  • At least one degree from Texas Woman’s University
  • Professional experience
  • Service to their profession and community
  • Leadership roles
  • Support of the University since graduation through involvement with their department, students and/or the TWU Alumni Association

Nominator Procedure: 

  1. Complete the Hallmark Alumni Nomination Form
  2. Attach a 1 page letter outlining your nominee's accomplishments and reasons you believe this nominee is deserving of the award
  3. Submit the Nomination Form by September 7

Once you have submitted the form you will receive an email with the link to the nominee's form. It is your responsibility to contact your nominee and give them the link to their form.

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Upload a 1 page document (approximately 500 words) explaining how your nominee meets the criteria for the award.

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I understand that it is my responsibility to communicate with the nominee that they have been nominated and must complete their application and submit it by the deadline to be considered.

I will respect the deadlines, the confidentiality of the process and the final decision of the TWU Alumni Association Board.

I understand and agree with the conditions set forth above.

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