Deborah A. Brown

Deborah A. Brown received two degrees from Texas Woman’s University: a Master of Business Administration in 1986 and a Bachelor of Science in economics in 1979. Brown was instrumental in helping TWU establish a federal internship program within the TWU Department of Cooperative Education and the Department of Business and Economics. She was the first TWU student to receive a cooperative education internship with the United States Federal Service as a student economist intern with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dallas Regional Office, in 1978.  During her extensive career as a professional economist, Brown has advanced through the ranks of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an agency recognized as the authoritative “gold standard” of economic intelligence on the U.S. economy. Brown is the senior executive officer responsible for all financial and operational aspects of Region 1, which includes New England, New York, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Working tirelessly to build and maintain partnership coalitions with a diverse assortment of state government authorities, she administers a budget of $13.5 million in cooperative grants with 32 state government grantees in the region.  She also represents the Bureau of Labor Statistics agency on the Department of Labor Regional Executive Council to ensure Department of Labor policies are executed throughout the Region as directed by the Executive Branch of the United States Government and the U.S. Congress.  Brown maintains an active role in a variety of professional and community organizations, and is a strong advocate for the equal legal rights of women. She has mentored college graduates via lectures and intern sponsorships. She is a past president of Business & Professional Women.

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