Meet Megan Alvina

Megan Alvina sits smiling on a couch.

Senior Family Studies Student and Parent, Megan Alvina

Megan Alvina, a Senior Family Studies student, shows her love for Texas Woman’s University in a very personal way. She named her new child, born November 2017, Elijah Lowry Alvaro Alvina.

Like the students who came before her that lived along dormitory row, her family’s apartment at Lowry Woods has truly become a home for her husband Gabriel and daughter Sophia, and now little Elijah Lowry, too. They wanted to pay homage to TWU for welcoming them into the TWU family.

The path to Megan’s college degree has been an uphill climb to her impending graduation in May. Beginning her college career back in 2005 led to a withdrawal after the birth of Sophia, but she eventually earned an Associate Degree from Northlake Community College before ultimately taking a bold step toward her future by coming to TWU in 2015.

TWU appealed to Megan because of its size, affordability and the fact that there was family housing available as well as after school daycare on university grounds at the Denton campus. Between classes, studying and a busy family life Megan discovered a passion, the student organization known as SPARK (Student Pioneers Also Raising Kids). Megan said: “SPARK makes me feel included, it helps me relate to all the other students here.”

In addition to her family time, coursework and SPARK Megan squeezes in a 20 hour work week as a Student Assistant in residential housing. Life isn’t without its challenges. Megan said that finances have been an obstacle and she couldn’t be successful without the help of financial assistance. Juggling has become a specialty, “Especially with the upper level classes which are offered on a special schedule so you have to be sure to plan ahead,” Megan elaborated. “I study after my daughter goes to bed; it’s all about balance.”

No matter the schedule, Megan is excited to be at TWU and hopes to continue in grad school toward her goal of working with students in higher education. Megan smiled as she said, “TWU feels like home; you’re away and then you come back and it’s like coming home.”

TWU helps students juggling children and family and school look forward to bold futures.

Story by Rhonda Ross, MA ’11 and Adam Hengeveld

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