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Three College of Business graduates during commencement.

The College of Business stands on a resounding history of excellence, and its programs and offerings are in high demand. The university decided in the fall of 2017 to elevate the program to a formal College of Business, recognizing that business supports the university’s distinction for women’s leadership, and that TWU has a historic opportunity to become not just a regional but a global leader in areas such as health care administration, women’s business leadership and more.

In recent years the prestige of research, faculty and graduates coming out of the business program—and the demand for its programs—have risen dramatically. At the same time, the regions that TWU serves have become among the nation’s largest and fastest-growing centers for health care, technology, small business entrepreneurship and more.

All of this has created an incredible opportunity to expand and elevate TWU’s College of Business, which is uniquely poised not only to have a major impact on the region and offer incredible opportunities for its students, but also to position itself as a true national leader on some of the most pressing and under-represented topics in business today.

Chancellor Carine M. Feyten, Ph.D., Founding Dean James R. Lumpkin, Ph.D. and partners across the university have set into motion an ambitious new vision for the College of Business. Working with faculty, students, university leadership and community partners in articulating and refining our goals, we are convinced that Texas Woman’s is at the precipice of a transformative new chapter in its history.

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A portrait of Dr. Lumpkin smiling in an office with diploma frames on the wall behind him.

When you combine the enthusiasm of our faculty, the support and vision of our leadership and supporters and the eagerness and tenacity of our students, we are well positioned to do something really, really special here. We have the potential to impact not just our students, our university, our region…we really have an opportunity to impact the world.

Dr. James R. Lumpkin, Dean, TWU College of Business

A Bold Vision

Under the umbrella of Dr. Feyten’s Strategic Plan 2022: Learn to Thrive, combined with Dean Lumpkin’s extensive experience in program-building and optimizing, a number of goals are taking shape to help elevate business at TWU to the next level. The conversation is ongoing, but a few specific ambitions have emerged:

Bring in Dynamic New Leaders and Faculty

With the recruitment of Shannon Mantaro as the Director of the Center for Women Entrepreneurs in 2017, and of Dean Lumpkin as the founding dean in 2018, Dr. Feyten has made it clear that TWU is looking for nationally recognized leaders in the development of innovative, industry-leadingbusiness programs and collaborations to pairwith an already excellent, dynamic and growing faculty core.

Raise Business at TWU to the Highest Levels of Accreditation

One of Dean Lumpkin’s first priorities is to raise the bar for everything the College of Business does to earn accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Currently, fewer than five percent of business programs in the world have achieved this accreditation, which is a rigorous, peer-reviewed and results-oriented commendation held in high regard within the academic and private sectors.

Become a Major Player in Health Care

Health care is America’s largest, fastest-growing industry, and TWU has long been distinguished as a prolific educator of health care professionals at every level. TWU currently offers a number of extremely popular health-related graduate degrees, and Dean Lumpkin wants to capitalize on this historic strength and to find new, innovative ways to connect with the health care industry and to prepare its future leaders and employees.

Take our Place as a Leading Global Center for Women's Leadership

Helping women become leaders is the core of TWU’s mission. For example, in 2018 we launched our Institute for Women’s Leadership, creating a unique resource for Texas and the nation. Women’s leadership in business entails educating female business students or women in other fields who seek to develop business skills. But it also means connections with industry—to help companies develop their own programs, to engage in research and community action to address some of the critical issues facing women in the workplace and to provide a forum to help raise awareness, create dialogue, develop trainings and solve problems. “There is no reason at all why TWU should not be known as THE leader in everything to do with women in business.” - Dean Lumpkin

“I feel very grateful that I did my graduate work at TWU, as I came away with a lot of experiences and lessons that I might not have acquired anywhere else. Ashley McClellan, MBA/MHA '16 CEO, HCA Research Medical Center KS City

How you can invest in the College of Business

College of Business Annual Fund

The College of Business Annual Fund is a critical, unrestricted fund that enables the college to respond to opportunities and challenges as they occur.

When you support the Annual Fund, you support the strategic vision of the college by allowing for the Dean to have flexibility in directing the use of resources to the priorities of the college.

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College of Business Scholarships

The College of Business Scholarship Fund provides students with the financial assistance to achieve their business degree, and therefore, the next step in the path to success. Your gift of scholarship funds is a vote of confidence in students, encouraging them to pursue excellence and reach for greatness. 

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Other Ways to Give

Annual Giving

When you give to the college annually, you make a difference in the lives of students, faculty, and staff who study, teach, and work to strengthen the college. These collective acts of generosity help ensure that a TWU education remains affordable and within reach for our deserving students.

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Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contribution made by their employees. To make your gift go even further, find out if your company has a matching gift policy by searching for your employer's name.

If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer and send it completed and signed with your gift, or complete the necessary steps through your employer's matching gift partner website. We will take care of the rest.

Estate/Planned Gifts

Donors who choose to establish planned gifts to benefit the college help secure the future of TWU.

Working with our Office of University Advancement, you can choose to give an outright gift through appreciated assets or defer your giving through a bequest. You can even take advantage of a charitable gift annuity or other life-income gifts that enables you to establish a legacy now and still provides you with an income during your lifetime.

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We highly value your insight and business acumen in teaching our students how to become the leaders of tomorrow through hands-on experiences. By offering students different experiences, industry insights, networking receptions, and real-world opportunities to promote business leadership, you can make a tangible difference. To help students, please contact us at 940-898-3851 or

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Texas Woman’s University offers a number of gift opportunities to help us elevate and advance the College of Business. We work with potential donors to find a way to make a philanthropic investment that advances the college’s goals while doing so in a way that is personally meaningful to our donors.

Your donation will come at a pivotal moment in the history of business education at TWU, and, as such, will have an enormous impact on helping us chart a future for our program and the students we serve. Any gift, no matter the size, makes a difference as we strive to fulfill the vision of the TWU strategic plan to be known as the premier public university for a woman-focused education, leadership development, and graduating thriving citizens who have a strong sense of community, health, prosperity, and a sense of purpose.

TWU is a state-assisted (rather than a state-supported) institution. The primary way in which we accomplish this mission is by garnering gift support from alumni, faculty, staff, corporations, foundations, friends and supporters of TWU to provide the critically needed funding. Thank you for making an impact on the College of Business at TWU. 

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James R. Lumpkin, Ph.D
Dean, College of Business
Texas Woman’s University
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Director of Development, College of Business
University Advancement
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