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Save the Date - Thursday, April 6, 2017

The 2017 Founders' Awards Scholarship Luncheon will be held at Hubbard Hall, Denton Campus.

2016 Award Recipients

Kay and Bob Goodman
Kay and Bob Goodman

The TWU Former Students Association

About the Award

The Founders' Award is one of the most prestigious honors presented annually by TWU. Founders' Day at Texas Woman's University is a celebration of the founding of the University and an opportunity to publicly honor corporations, businesses, foundations, as well as individuals and families that have provided continuous support to TWU ensuring the future for each new generation of students.

Chancellor's Endowed Scholarships

Proceeds from the luncheon benefit the TWU Chancellor's Endowed Scholarships which are the most prestigious scholarships awarded by the University. Established by Chancellor Stuart and other donors in 2000, these scholarships are the largest awarded by TWU, and the only academic scholarships that offer a stipend to recipients in addition to paying tuition and fees. They are awarded to TWU students on the basis of outstanding academic achievement, leadership and service in school and community activities.

Award Recipient Categories

There are three categories honoring the long history of support for the University:

  • Individual or Family
  • Business or Corporation
  • Foundation or Organization


The Founders' Award was established in 1998 to recognize support for the educational mission of TWU. In 2006, Chancellor and President Ann Stuart made the decision to move the celebration to a date in early April to coincide with the date the legislation was signed creating what is now TWU, April 6, 1901.

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