Ghita Carter

Alumna establishes endowment for English, library science

Ms. Carter stands on stairs for a photo.

Ghita Brockway Carter (BA ’50) has always loved learning, but once thought higher education was not an option for her. Now, the TWU alumna wants to help others who are pursuing a college degree. Two new endowed scholarships have been established in her name, one for undergraduate students majoring in English, and the other for graduate students majoring in Library Science.

Brockway Carter was born Oct. 16, 1930, in her grandparents’ house near Terrell. Her father “eked out a living” in various jobs, moving the family from place to place.

“In my childhood, I scarcely had any books, but my mother taught me the nursery rhymes and the folk and fairy tales that she knew,” Brockway Carter said. She cried when she found that, at age 4, she was too young to go to school. She was allowed to visit the class one day, and enjoyed it so much that the visits continued.

She graduated as salutatorian from Terrell High School in 1946, but, coming from a poor family, the chances of going to college seemed dim.

Still, she sent for a catalog from Texas State College for Women (now TWU) and learned about the college’s co-op system. Students helped with daily duties, including cooking, serving, cleaning bathrooms, and more. Room and board totaled only $20 per month, and state tuition was $25 per semester. TSCW also offered free use of textbooks.

“Somehow, I must have managed to enroll and arrived in Denton that September,” Brockway Carter said.

She majored in English, and chose library science as her minor. She joined both the Atheneum social club and Sigma Tau Delta, the English honors society, and served terms as president of each organization. Brockway Carter was able to get a small scholarship each year to help with tuition and worked each summer to earn money toward her next year at TSCW.

Brockway Carter graduated with honors and a bachelor of arts degree in 1950 and began working as a school librarian in Cleveland, Texas. She also volunteered to teach an English class.

While in Cleveland, she met Keith Carter, a graduate of Rice University and the University of Texas law school, who worked as a landman in Houston. The two were married in August 1951. Brockway Carter stayed involved in library work throughout raising three children and a move from Houston to Austin. She continues to serve as a library volunteer in the Sun City community in Georgetown.

“Coming from my humble background, I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to get an education at TWU,” Brockway Carter said. “Now I want to leave a small legacy in setting up these scholarships for English and library science majors to help students studying in these fields.”

If you are interested in setting up an endowed scholarship, contact:
Kimberly A. Russell, EdD
Vice President for University Advancement
Executive Director, TWU Foundation

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