First-Year Students

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Almost half of our student body enter as first-generation college students.

About the Application Process

  • TWU has rolling admissions with no application deadline. However, applying to specific programs have varying deadlines. Check the undergraduate catalog for information on your program.
  • Priority deadlines to apply for financial aid: Jan. 15 for fall and summer; Sept. 1 for spring
  • Deadlines to apply for scholarships: March 15 for fall; Dec. 14 for spring
  • Create a Pioneer Portal account after applying to TWU to apply for scholarships before acceptance
  • Average application processing time is 2-3 weeks - once all documents are received 
  • Apply early for benefits, including:
    • More time to identify and award scholarships you are eligible for
    • Earlier applying and acceptance of financial aid and housing

Admissions Requirements

As a first-year student, you may be admitted under one of the following three categories: Regular Admission, Assured Admission or Individual Review.

Regular Admission

  • Graduated from a regionally accredited high school, homeschool program or hold a GED certificate of completion, and
  • Earned at least a 2.0 high school grade point average on a 4.0 scale, and
  • Ranked in the top 50 percent of your high school graduating class, and
  • Met one of these SAT or ACT score requirements (TWU’s SAT code: 6826. TWU’s ACT code: 4224):
    • SAT prior to March 2016: 1000 (based on Critical Reading and Math combined)
    • SAT after March 2016: 1080 (based on Evidenced Based Reading and Writing, and Math combined)
    • ACT: 21 (or above) composite
  • Met one of these curriculum requirements:
    • Completed or enrolled in the Foundation, Recommended or Distinguished Texas High School Curriculum*, or an International Baccalaureate Program, or
    • If attending a private Texas high school or an out-of-state high school, completed or enrolled in a college-prep curriculum as outlined below: 
      • English (4 semester credit hours) 
      • Math (3 semester credit hours, including Algebra II)
      • Science (3 semester credit hours)
      • Social Studies (3 semester credit hours)
      • Academic Electives (3 semester credit hours)

If you’ve attended TWU in the past, you may be eligible for readmission under transfer admission requirements.

*Changes to the Foundation, Recommended and/or Distinguished Curriculum adopted by the state will be followed by TWU.

Assured Admission

  • Graduated from a regionally accredited Texas high school during the past two years; and
  • Ranked in the top 25 percent* of your high school’s graduating class

Although admission to TWU is assured, ACT or SAT scores are required for proper advising, course placement and for scholarship consideration.

*Class ranking is based on the end of 11th grade, middle of 12th grade or at high school graduation, whichever is most recent when the application is reviewed.

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Individual Review Admission

If you do not meet all of the regular or assured admissions requirements, your application, transcript(s) and test score will be reviewed individually by the Office of Admissions Processing and the Admissions Review Committee to determine if an offer of admission will be made.

Our individual review process identifies factors that indicate student success at TWU. Additional credentials or materials may be requested.

If you are admitted through individual review, you will be offered regular admission as a first-year student.

Adult/Non-traditional or Homeschooled Students

Adult/Non-traditional Students

You qualify to apply as a non-traditional student if you earned your high school diploma or GED more than five years ago and have taken fewer than 12 hours of college-level credit.

  • You must submit an application through, pay the application fee and submit your official high school transcript or GED*
  • SAT/ACT test scores are not required for admission
  • Official TSI scores must be submitted prior to enrollment

*Your GED completion date serves as your high school graduation date.

Homeschooled Students

TWU recognizes homeschool education and encourages you to apply for admission. To be considered for admission, you must submit and meet the minimum requirements under regular first-year admission:

  • An official transcript showing completion of a secondary school education and the date of completion
  • Official test score results from SAT or ACT (TWU’s SAT code: 6826. TWU’s ACT code: 4224)
  • Uniform Admissions Policy form as documentation of your high school program

If you cannot meet these requirements, your application will be reviewed by an admission officer. You can provide additional information to support your request for individual consideration.

High School Advantage, Dual Credit Students & Exam Credit

We invite current high school juniors and seniors with a minimum of a B average to apply for dual or concurrent enrollment. Visit the High School Advantage Program for more information.

You can also earn University semester credit hours through exams. Find more information on eligible exams and scores needed to earn credit in the undergraduate catalog.

Students Using Veteran Benefits

Texas Woman’s is proud to serve those who have served. TWU has ranked:

TWU also provides several special services for veterans, including: 

Learn more about applying to TWU with veteran benefits and available resources.

Maria Mejia posing and wearing a blue dress.

My experience at TWU has been exceptional. I've made friends in class and explored Denton, but what I love most about TWU is the people. We’re all helping each other achieve our goals. You will be challenged here but your teachers and friends are here to help and want you to succeed.

Maria Mejia; B.S. in Biology; Class of ‘21

How to Apply

Graduation cap graphic with the words: "85% of our bachelor's degree graduates are employed in Texas or enrolled in grad school within 1 year."

Step 1: Apply online at

Step 2: Pay the nonrefundable application fee: 

The $50 fee ($75 for international students), which applies to all applicants (new and returning) can be paid by:

Application fee waivers are granted only when you submit an official SAT/ACT fee waiver form.

Step 3: Submit the following documents to TWU:

  • Official high school transcript - Your transcript should show your class ranking and current courses. If you have taken college courses, include an official transcript from that institution. Transcripts may be electronic or printed:
    • Electronic transcripts must be sent through a secured system directly from the school to TWU
    • Printed transcripts must be sent to TWU directly from the school or delivered personally in a sealed envelope from the institution
    • Any sign of tampering will render the transcript unofficial and invalid
    • For more information regarding transcripts, please visit Admissions Processing
  • ACT or SAT scores, if required - These may be included on the back of your high school transcript or sent directly to TWU. Our SAT code is 6826. Our ACT code is 4224. 
  • TOEFL or TOEFL exemption form (permanent residents and international applicants only)
  • Copy of your permanent resident card, if applicable (permanent residents) - If you have applied for permanent residency but have not yet received the INS form Notice of Action i-797 verifying approval, you will be processed as an international student.

Send certified checks, money orders, fee waivers and application materials to:
TWU Admissions Processing
P.O. Box 425649
Denton, Texas 76204-5649

or via expedited mail to:
304 Administration Dr.
Denton, TX 76204 (no Saturday delivery)

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