International Admissions

You're considered for admission as an international student if you:

  • Hold a visa with a foreign nationality
  • Hold asylum, refugee or temporary protected status
  • Are a pending U.S. permanent resident 

You will be admitted as an international undergraduate (first-year and transfer) or graduate student based on your previous academic experience.

Check the catalog for more admission information as an undergraduate or graduate student.

Visit International Affairs for more information on required immigration documents and the next steps after acceptance.

International Application Deadlines


  • Preferred deadline: Feb. 1
  • Final deadline: March 1


  • Preferred deadline: March 1
  • Final deadline: May 1


  • Preferred deadline: July 1
  • Final deadline: Oct. 1


  • Admission to F1 visa holders is contingent on meeting the immigration deadlines
  • Graduate program deadlines may be earlier than the international application deadline
  • Contact the graduate department of your program for requirements and deadline information

Visa Information

In order to ensure compliance with requirements set by the Department of Homeland Security certain restrictions apply to applicants that intend to pursue studies on an F or J visa. F and J visa holders:

  • Are not eligible to enroll in a certificate or fully online degree program. The issuance of I-20s for fully online programs is restricted by DHS.
  • Must begin their course of study during the fall or spring term unless the program of study only begins during the summer
  • Must meet the International Student and Scholar Services immigration deadline
  • Must be able to provide a Certification of Finances upon acceptance to TWU

For questions regarding visa information, please contact International Student and Scholar Services.

How to Apply

International students in traditional attire participating in a dance event.

1.  Apply online at

2.  Pay the application fee

The $75 fee, which applies to all applicants (new and returning) can be paid by:

3.  Submit documents to TWU

  • Official transcripts, individual annual mark sheets, diplomas and certificates of graduation
  • First-year student applicants only: Official secondary school transcripts, diplomas, certificates and/or national examination scores confirming completion of higher secondary studies
  • Proof of English language proficiency test scores or exemption form
  • Certified word-for-word translations of documents not issued in English
  • Graduate standardized test scores (if applicable)

4.  Apply to your program

Most graduate and some undergraduate programs have specific admissions requirements you must meet after acceptance to the University.

Find your program in TWU's Program, Majors & Degrees finder to see if your program has additional admission requirements and application deadlines.

Program, Majors & Degrees

Send certified checks, money orders, fee waivers and application materials to:
TWU Admissions Processing
P.O. Box 425649
Denton, Texas 76204 -5649

or via expedited mail to:
304 Administration Dr.
Denton, TX 76204 (no Saturday delivery)

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