Spring 2022 Faculty Resources

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been challenged to insure the success of our students.  In response, TWU’s support units have prepared many resources to assist faculty in their efforts.  In addition, faculty have found existing resources to be helpful as they have faced new modes of delivery.  This page provides easy access to those resources which are housed in a variety of locations on the TWU website.

TWU Syllabus Template

No matter what the mode of teaching—in-person, hybrid, or face-to-face--all faculty should use the TWU Syllabus TemplateThe template has been revised to include a statement encouraging masks, vaccinations, and actions to keep our community safe.

In-Person Teaching

For those teaching in-person classes, we have developed a set of Classroom Guidelines to assist faculty with teaching in the era of COVID-19.  The guidelines include links to a number of resources to assist faculty. In addition, ITS and Teaching and Learning with Technology have collaborated on training for Classroom Technology at TWU.

Seating Charts

Faculty are encouraged to ask students to choose a seat and plan to sit in that seat for the semester.  In order to facilitate any contact tracing which might be needed during the semester, faculty are asked to create a seating chart for each class and to take roll each class period with that seating chart.

Self-Monitoring and Face Masks

TWU continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will adjust preventative measures as necessary. Employees must continue to conduct daily self-monitoring, stay home if they are ill, and report any COVID-19 symptoms, exposures, and international travel.  Face masks, which provide protection to both the wearer and those around them, are highly encouraged indoors. However, employees and students cannot be required to wear a mask except in certain clinical situations per Governor Abbott’s Executive Order. Disposable face masks will be available in classrooms.

University Safety Provisions

The University will continue safety protocols initiated last year. These include the availability of hand sanitizer and sanitizing products in classrooms. HVAC systems in TWU facilities help reduce the likelihood of virus transmission between participants, and FMC has made additional adjustments to further reduce this risk.

Vaccination Procedures

TWU encourages all members of the TWU community who can be vaccinated to do so. Employees and students cannot be required to provide proof of vaccination except in certain clinical situations per Governor Abbott’s Executive Order; however, TWU is also planning a campaign designed to incentivize students and employees to get vaccinated, the “Community of Immunity Challenge.”

Online Teaching

The Distance Education Advisory Committee has developed a best practices checklist which couples best practices for online learning with resources available at TWU.  The DEAC Online Course Design Best Practices Checklist may be used by faculty to both develop and assess their online courses.

Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) has developed online guides and trainings related to effective teaching online:

In addition, the Center for Faculty Excellence provides Panopto lecture capture training.

Teaching and Learning with Technology will offer a variety of trainings throughout the fall semester.  The TLT Professional Development Training Calendar lists all of these trainings.

TLT’s Instructional Design Partners provide a continuum of pedagogical, course design, and course development support to TWU instructors. Through one-on-one consultations, small group work, symposia and workshops, their goal is helping instructors create strong courses that meet specific learning outcomes and engage students in the learning process.

Resources for Students

Faculty may recommend the following Teaching and Learning with Technology guides to assist students in their online learning activities:

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