Nominate Advisors

Advisors can be self-nominated or nominated by another faculty or staff member at TWU.

Nominations must contain adequate factual or narrative material that describes the extent to which an advisor meets the award criteria. Use objective data to support the nomination.

Award Criteria

  • Summary of the Nominee’s Qualifications
    • You should summarize the extent to which the nominee meets the award criteria, citing letters of support, data or other materials illustrative of exemplary performance as an advisor
    • How does this nominee consistently go beyond expected job duties to provide outstanding advising?
  • Nominee's Resume or Curriculum Vitae
    • Limit entries to material that pertains directly to academic advising, presenting relevant information from the nominee's overall resume/vitae
    • Include a current position description with a list of job responsibilities and the percentages of time spent in each area of responsibility
  • A personal statement that includes the nominee’s advising philosophy
  • Representative materials developed by the nominee 
    • Such as articles published, resources and tip sheets created for students, training materials for faculty/staff, presentations given, etc.
    • These materials should show how the nominee has gone above and beyond regular advising job duties to meet a level of outstanding work
  • No more than 3 letters of support from advisees, colleagues, and/or administrators
    • Letters of support or additional materials sent separately from the nomination packet will not be considered
  • Other pertinent information from the nominator

Texas Woman's University Advising Awards are in alignment with the NACADA Global Awards Program. The goal of this program is to not only recognize outstanding advising throughout higher education but to encourage wider support in institutions to ultimately improve advising services for students.

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