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"Graduating from the Women's Studies Program of Texas Woman's University has been the most important and empowering aspect of my entire college education. The Program, specifically the continued dedication of the instructors, has prepared me for my doctoral work and my life in ways I could have never imagined."
 – Patricia A. Stukes, M.A., 2002

"Speaking as one with a master's degree in WS from Texas Woman's University, and will begin my doctoral work in Education and Communication at Columbia University this fall, I can say with confidence that my experience with WS was life changing. I occupy multiple spaces of identities, particularly as a product of an interracial marriage. Growing up, I understood very early that I'd have to carry many marginalized labels throughout life. It was only until I worked through the WS program that I learned how to better articulate those experiences of intersectionality--while developing a strong political voice in the process. It was a rigorous program that allowed me to be contemplative; no apologies and no asking for permission. I also learned, through friendships, what it meant to organize at the grassroots level. As part of my graduate thesis I covered the Jena Six rally and produced a documentary about the experience. I left the program with a 4.0 GPA and jobs with and Brave New Films.

Granted, I can't contribute all of my success to a WS education, a lot of credit goes to my support systems. However, I do believe that my experiences
through WS shaped me profoundly as a thinker and woman of color."
- Tara Conley, M.A. 2008

"I was attracted to TWU by the possibility of engaging in an academic environment dedicated to making connections between scholarship and activism.  Since my arrival, I have enjoyed the benefits of small class sizes, supportive faculty, a variety of course offerings, and high academic caliber.  My time here has been a humbling lesson in self-improvement; I am consistently challenging my own world-view and excavating personal boundaries in an environment that supports such growth.  Ultimately, I hope to use the insights I have gained from this degree to help position me for law school.  I know that the diverse perspectives I have encountered, here, will allow me to better serve others in the spirit of social justice."   
  Rachael Federico, M.A. 2010

"My experience has been well worth the time, effort, and energy I spend during my 100-mile, Denton-to-Fort Worth commutes as a full-time evening student. The faculty members are intelligent, encouraging instructors who have established for their students an environment where difference is celebrated and learning–of all sorts–is accepted. As an older African-American graduate student, I have found a creative, liberal-minded space in the academy that I can call 'home.'"
Muriel Whetstone Sims, M.A., 2008 

“My participation in the M.A. program in Women’s Studies has been a wonderful experience, and I really appreciate the way in which my comprehension has expanded.  I look at and perceive the world in a very different manner.  I also feel as though I am better prepared to give responses to issues that seem to be hopeless; there is always an answer.  I know this now, and I have the women's studies program to thank for this way of knowing.”
Camilla Davis, M.A., 2008

"I chose to participate in the Women's Studies M.A. program at TWU because of its interdisciplinary nature.  I have truly been pleased with the scope of the program and believe that it has fully prepared me to pursue a doctoral degree.  The professors are all very invested in the students and do everything they can to help the students through their M.A. program as well as achieve their goals after the program."
Lane Wiseman, M.A., 2008

“When I chose to major in Women’s Studies at Texas Woman’s University I thought I was simply selecting a field of study that complemented my undergraduate studies in social work.  After completing the program, I credit Women’s Studies—and the discussions, relationships, and rigorous learning the program fostered—for inciting what would ultimately become a life-changing experience.” 
– Shamethia Webb, M.A., 2011

“One of the most beneficial qualities of the M.A. program in Women’s Studies at TWU is the extremely diverse curriculum. Having the opportunity to engage with a wide range of multi-theoretical texts, I feel like my comprehension and ability to develop research questions has been enhanced. Instead of approaching research projects from a single theoretical perspective, such as feminism, I have found ways to integrate several theories into my methodology.”
Sally Sayles-Hannon, M.A., 2008

"The greatest benefit I gained is learning to step outside my own realm of experience and to consider viewpoints I would have previously dismissed. The program encourages questioning and understanding issues as they are shaped by multiple factors (i.e., race, class, gender, ability), which has enabled me to better care for the women I encounter as a nurse working in women's health. Also, my critical thinking and writing skills are much sharper as a result of the program, and I communicate my ideas more effectively."    
Lea Ivy, M.A., 2005

“I entered the program because I have a strong passion for advocacy and social justice.  The professors made me feel validated in my interests in social justice, and Women's Studies was the first academic opportunity that I had to explore, discuss, and write about disabilities.  I benefited from the program in that my perspectives were broadened, and my life is still impacted by the content in all of the courses that I took.  I am now a Vocational Rehabilitation Teacher for the Division for Blind Services, and I help others to become proactive and to realize that they are their best advocate.”
Janice A. Moran, M.A., 2006

“I came to Denton, Texas, with the intent to continue my education in another field.  One look at the class descriptions in Women's Studies changed my mind–after all, where else could I be exposed to so many things lacking in my earlier education, like women writers of color, or discussions of knowledge from a female standpoint? 

During my time in the Women's Studies Program, I worked harder than I ever have, met incredible people, and developed friendships I treasure. The Women's Studies program has opened up so much for me:  my eyes and ears, and doors that I never imagined existed.”
Laura Knudson, M.A., 2007

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One of the most diverse universities in the nation, TWU offers the only M.A. in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex region.  Our classes are small in size, thereby encouraging discussion, dialogue, and engaged learning. More about “Reasons to Choose Our Graduate Program”...

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Graduate Students in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies Say...

"Graduating from the Women's Studies Program of Texas Woman's University has been the most important and empowering aspect of my entire college education." More about “Graduate Students in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies Say...”...

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