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Cornaro Professor of Multicultural Women's and Gender StudiesDr. Claire Sahlin

Office HDB 307B
940-898-2255 phone | 940-898-2101 fax

Ph.D. 1996 The Study of Religion, Harvard University

M.A. 1991 The Study of Religion, Harvard University

M.T.S. 1986 Theological Studies, Harvard University, The Divinity School

B.A. 1982 Philosophy and Psychology, Bethel College, St. Paul, Minnesota
summa cum laude

Courses Taught
Graduate:  Foundations for Scholarly Inquiry in Women's Studies; Feminist Theories; Feminism and Religion; Feminist Ethics; Ecofeminist Theorizing, Spirituality, and Activism; Feminist Pedagogies; New Directions in Feminist/Womanist Theories; Transdisciplinary Studies Colloquium; Holistic Pedagogies Colloquium

Research Interests
Religion in women's studies classrooms; feminist perspectives on religion and spirituality; ecofeminism; feminist ethics; women's spirituality in later Medieval Europe; single-sex education; the institutional development of women's studies

Selected Publications
Sahlin, Claire L. “Holy Women of Medieval Scandinavia:  A Survey.”  In Medieval Holy Women in the Christian Tradition:  Twelfth through Fifteenth Centuries, edited by Alastair Minnis and Rosalynn Voaden.  Turnhout, Belgium:  Brepols International Academic Publishers, forthcoming.  In press.

Sahlin, Claire L. “Gender and the Paradoxes of Religious Authority:  Birgitta of Sweden’s Encounters with Archbishop Bernard of Naples.”  In Santa Brigida, Napoli, L’Italia, edited by Olle Ferm, Alessandra Perriccioli Saggese, and Marcello Rotili, pp. 95-103.  Naples, Italy:  Arte Tipografica Editrice, 2009.

Sahlin, Claire L. “Texas Woman’s University:  Threats to Institutional Autonomy and Conflict Over the Admission of Men.”  In The Coed Challenge:  The Fate of Women’s Colleges Since the 1960s, edited by Leslie Miller-Bernal and Susan Poulson, pp. 108-144. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press, 2006.

Sahlin, Claire L. “Vital to the Institutional Mission and Key to Survival:  Women’s Studies at Women’s Colleges,” NWSA (National Women’s Studies Association) Journal, Special Forum:  Women’s Studies in “Other” Locations, edited by Catherine Orr and Diane Lichtenstein, 17 (Summer 2005):  164-70.

Birgitta of SwedenSahlin, Claire L. Birgitta of Sweden and the Voice of Prophecy.  Studies in Medieval Mysticism, vol. 3.  Woodbridge, Suffolk:  Boydell and Brewer, 2001.  Translated into Hungarian by Gaál Imre, Svéd Szent Brigitta. Szeged, Hungary:  Bába Kiadó, 2008.

Sahlin, Claire L. “Preaching and Prophesying:  The Public Proclamation of Birgitta of Sweden’s Revelations.”  In Performance and Transformation:  New Approaches to Late Medieval Spirituality, edited by Mary Suydam and Joanna Ziegler, pp. 69-96.  New York:  St. Martin’s Press, 1999. 

Sahlin, Claire L. “The Prophetess as Preacher:  Birgitta of Sweden and the Voice of Prophecy.” Medieval Sermon Studies 40 (Autumn 1997):  29-44.

Sahlin, Claire L. “Gender and Prophetic Authority in Birgitta of Sweden’s Revelations.”  In Gender and Text in the Later Middle Ages, edited by Jane Chance, pp. 69-95. Gainesville:  University Press of Florida, 1996.

Texas Woman's University, Summer Research Stipend, 2007
TWU Multidisciplinary Research Grant, 2005
TWU Research Enhancement Program Awards, 2004, 2001
President, American Academy of Religion, Southwest Region, 2003-04
Regional Representative, National Women's Studies Association, South Central Region, 1999-2004
National Endowment for the Humanities, Summer Stipend, 2003
Outstanding Honors Faculty of the Year, Texas Woman’s University, 2003

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