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Women's Studies students

Core Courses for the Ph.D. Degree in Women's Studies

WS 6103, New Directions in Feminist/Womanist Theories  [pdf]
Recent controversies, significant research questions, and new directions in feminist/womanist theorizing.  Investigation of recent interventions in Women’s Studies and feminist/womanist theories and theorizing. Three lecture hours a week.  Credit: Three hours.  (May be repeated for credit when content varies.)

WS 6203, Women's Studies Disciplinary/Interdisciplinary Knowledges [pdf]
History of academic disciplines and knowledge production, the challenge of Women’s Studies to conventional academic divisions, and the potential of  Women’s Studies to transform academic disciplines.  Three lecture hours a week.  Credit: Three hours.  

WS 6303, Transdisciplinary Feminist Research Methods [pdf]
Relational exploration of feminist, womanist, and multicultural research methods from a variety of disciplines including those in the social sciences  and humanities, focusing especially on women’s studies’ impact on research methods in a variety of academic disciplines.  Overview of research tools and techniques, including qualitative, quantitative, historical, and literary research methods.  Three lecture hours a week.  Credit: Three hours.  

WS 6403, The Politics of Publications and Writing [pdf]
Issues related to academic writing and publishing, especially focusing on the fields of Women’s Studies and multicultural-feminist scholarship.  Submission of at least one article to a peer-review journal and one abstract for a conference presentation. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

WS 6983, Dissertation
Prerequisite:  Successful completion of qualify examinations.  Credit:  Three hours.  May be repeated for additional credit.

WS 6993, Dissertation
Credit:  Three hours.  May be repeated for additional credit.

 Women's Studies Course Rotation 2013-2017 [pdf]

 Graduate Catalog 2014-2015

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Course Rotation Schedule (pdf)

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Reasons to Choose Our Graduate Program

One of the most diverse universities in the nation, TWU offers the only M.A. in Women's Studies in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex region.  Our classes are small in size, thereby encouraging discussion, dialogue, and engaged learning. More about “Reasons to Choose Our Graduate Program”...

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Women's Studies Students Say...

"Graduating from the Women's Studies Program of Texas Woman's University has been the most important and empowering aspect of my entire college education." More about “Women's Studies Students Say...”...

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