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Women's Studies Master's StudentsAdvanced work in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies at TWU employs a feminist/womanist theories in the service of social justice, focusing especially on individual and collective transformation. Through the study of women's experiences in political, cultural, religious, biological, and intellectual contexts, graduate courses investigate the ways gender and other identity categories function as pervasive social constructions.

Issues Explored

  • Agency
  • Survival
  • Resistance
  • Transformation

Graduate work in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies adopts a relational approach that examines both differences and commonalities among diverse peoples. Toward this end, the department emphasizes rigorous interdisciplinary scholarship in the classroom, in research, and in community service. 

The Department of Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies offers a Master of Arts Degree and a Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies.

Interested in the program?

View of M.A. Student Handbook for more information. Questions? Contact us using the Online Inquiry Form

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