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Graduate CertificateThe post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies offers a unique opportunity for individuals to acquire expertise in transdisciplinary women's studies scholarship, including diverse feminist/womanist theories of knowledge, power, and social transformation.

The program is open both to all TWU graduate students currently enrolled in any degree program and to invidiuals and professionals in the community.


Students who obtain their certificate in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies will gain:

  • Increased understanding of how gender is constructed and functions in social, cultural, historical, political, and institutional contexts.
  • Increased understanding of the diversity of women's lives, particularly as they intersect with age, class, disability, ethnicity/'race,' region, religion, and sexuality.
  • Enhanced ability to engage critically and holistically with multicultural-feminist/womanist theories concerning social inequalities, to develop advanced research skills in the field of women's studies, and to develop effective academic writing skills.
  • Preparation for responsible leadership in community settings, the academy, and careers in social service.

Admission Requirements

Those interested in the Certificate must submit a brief statement of purpose (500 to 700 words) describing the Certificate's relationship to the student's intellectual and professional goals. You may email your statement of purpose to the Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies Department at  Applicants must also meet the following requirements:

TWU Graduate Students:

  • If seeking admission to a masters or doctoral program, in addition to certification, students must meet entrance requirements of their degree program.
  • Current TWU graduate students should consult their program's Chair or Graduate Advisor to determine whether the coursework taken for the Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies Certificate will apply toward their degrees.
  • Coursework taken as part of a certificate program may not be counted toward a graduate degree without approval of both the degree-granting department and the Graduate Dean.

Certificate-Only Students

Students entering TWU only for the certificate must apply for admission to the Graduate School at TWU.

For more information about the Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate contact:

Dr. Mark Kessler
Advisor for Graduate Certificate Students
Department of Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies
Human Development Building (HDB) 307   

Certificate Requirements

Completion of the Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies requires a minimum of 18 hours of coursework at the 5000-level or above with an average grade of B or better and selected in consultation with the Graduate Certificate Advisor.  No more than nine hours of coursework may be taken online.

At least 9 hours must be selected from the following courses:

At least 3 to 9 hours must be selected from the following courses:

Any Remaining hours are selected in consultation with the Graduate Certificate Advisor.  These electives must be related to Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies at the 5000-level or above.  Sample electives:

  • Feminist Ethics
  • The Politics of Writing
  • Ethnographic Research Methods
  • Women's Leadership
  • Studies in Feminist Activism
  • Family Violence
  • 'Race' and Ethnicity
  • Psychology of Women
  • Political Women
  • Feminist Rhetoric
  • Women and American Literature 

    For students beginning the program in Summer 2015 or later, all coursework must be taken from offerings in women's studies.

    Women's Studies Course Rotation 2013-2017 [pdf]

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Course Rotation Schedule (pdf)

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Reasons to Choose Our Graduate Program

One of the most diverse universities in the nation, TWU offers the only M.A. in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex region.  Our classes are small in size, thereby encouraging discussion, dialogue, and engaged learning. More about “Reasons to Choose Our Graduate Program”...

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Graduate Students in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies Say...

"Graduating from the Women's Studies Program of Texas Woman's University has been the most important and empowering aspect of my entire college education." More about “Graduate Students in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies Say...”...

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