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Core Faculty

Dr. Agatha Beins, Assistant Professor
Dr. Agatha BeinsTeaching/Research Interests:  Histories of feminism and women's studies; social movements; print and material cultures; underground press and zine cultures; cultural studies; art and activism; poetry and poetic forms; pedagogy; feminist theories and epistemologies; labor for wages and labor for love; and feminist geography and spatial politics.

HDB 307L | Phone: 940.898.2117 | Email:

Dr. AnaLouise Keating, Professor and Director of Ph.D. Program
Dr. AnaLouise KeatingTeaching/Research Interests: Multicultural womanist/feminist theorizing; U.S. women writers of colors; critical 'race' feminisms; queer theories; Gloria E. Anzaldúa; womanist spiritual activism; transdisciplinarity; transformation studies; indigenous & womanist epistemologies.

HDB 307K | Phone: 940.898.2129 | Email:

Dr. Mark Kessler, Professor
Dr. Mark KesslerCourses Taught: Transdisciplinary Feminist Research Methods; Rights, Race, and Social Justice; Law, Gender, and Sexuality; Qualitative Research Methods

Research Interests:  Women of color and the legal profession; legal consciousness and resistance among women political activists; poverty law and cause lawyers; gender, race, class, and sexuality in U.S. politics; law, legal ideologies, and identities; and feminist legal geographies

 HDB 307E | Phone: 940.898.2112 | Email:  

Dr. Danielle Phillips, Assistant Professor
Dr. Danielle PhillipsTeaching/Research Interests:  Critical race feminisms; globalization and transnationalism; nineteenth and twentieth-century U.S. women's history; U.S. labor and migration history; diversity issues in higher education; and black feminist thought.

HDB 307F | Phone: 940.898.2746 | Email:

Dr. Claire Sahlin, Cornaro Professor and Chair
Dr. Claire SahlinTeaching/Research Interests: Religion in women's studies classrooms; feminist perspectives on religion and spirituality; ecofeminism; feminist ethics; women's spirituality in later medieval europe; single-sex education; the institutional development of women's studies

HDB 307B | Phone: 940.898.2255 | Email:

Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Gina AndersonDr. Gina Anderson
Associate Professor
Department of Teacher Education

Dr. Valentine BelfiglioDr. Valentine Belfiglio
Professor Emeritus of English
History and Government

Dr. Linda BrockDr. Linda Brock
Associate Professor
Family Sciences

Dr. Patrick BynaneDr. Patrick Bynane
Assistant Professor
Redbud Theater Room 222

Dr. Linda CaldwellDr. Linda Caldwell

Dr. Sandra Cesario
Associate Professor
College of Nursing

Dr. Rebecca FredricksonDr. Rebecca R. Fredrickson
Assistant Professor
Teacher Education

Dr. Katherine LanddeckDr. Katherine Landdeck
Associate Professor
History and Government

Dr. Linda MarshallDr. Linda Marshall
Sociology and Social Work

Dr. Debra MollenDr. Debra Mollen
Assistant Professor
Psychology and Philosophy

Dr. Kimberly ParkerDr. Kimberly Parker
Assistant Professor
Health Studies

Dr. Barbara PresnallDr. Barbara Presnall
History and Government

Dr. Linda RubinDr. Linda Rubin
Psychology and Philosophy

Dr. Mahmoud SadriDr. Mahmoud Sadri
Sociology and Social Work

Dr. Sally StabbDr. Sally Stabb
Psychology and Philosophy

Dr. Ann Q. StatonDr. Ann Q. Staton
College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Genevieve WestDr. Genevieve West
Professor and Chair
English, Speech, and Foreign Language


Dr. Jim WilliamsDr. Jim Williams
Professor and Chair
Sociology and Social Work

Dr. Phillip YangDr. Philip Yang
Sociology and Social Work

Graduate Teaching Assistants and Adjuncts, Spring 2015

Kristin Alder, GTA,, (940) 898-2119
Lindsey Bartgis, GTA,, (940) 898-2119
Lauren Cross, GTA,, (940) 898-2119
Sara Ishii-Downing, GTA,, (940) 898-2119
Tawny Lebouef-Tullia, GTA,, (940) 898-2119
Jennifer Martin, GTA,, (940) 898-2119
Dr. Nona McCaleb, Adjunct Professor,, (940) 898-2119
Carrie McMaster, Adjunct Instructor,, (940) 898-2119
Harry McMaster, GTA,, (940) 898-2119
Reanae McNeal, GTA,, (940) 898-2119
Kimberly Merenda, GTA,, (940) 898-2119
Jennifer Roland, GTA,, (940) 898-2119
Sam Schmitt, GTA,, (940) 898-2119
Michelle Slaughter, GTA,, (940) 898-2119
Dr. Johnny Stein, Adjunct Professor,, (940) 898-2119
Carla Wilson, GTA,, (940) 898-2119

Graduate Assistants, Spring 2015

Diana Álvarez,, (940) 898-2119
Marcella Clinard,, (940) 898-2119
Noura Elwazani,, (940) 898-2119
Marlene Flores,, (940) 898-2119
Pallavi Govindnathan,, (940) 898-2119
Audrey Lundahl,, (940) 898-2119
Cindy Medrano,, (940) 898-2119
April Michels,, (940) 898-2119
Jessica Spain Sadr,, (940) 898-2119
Erlisha Tamplin,, (940) 898-2119
Pam Tise,, (940) 898-2119
Stephanie Vastine,, (940) 898-2119

Instructors of Cross Listed Courses, Spring 2015

Dr. Vicki Baker, Assistant Professor, Music,, (940) 898-2724
Dr. Adriane Bezusko, Adjunct Faculty, English Speech, and Foreign Language,, (940) 898-2324
Dr. Gretchen Busl, Assistant Professor, English, Speech, & Foreign Language,, (940) 898-2331
Barbara Core, Adjunct Faculty, Visual Arts,, (940) 898-2530
Heather Cornett, GTA, Psychology & Philosophy,, (940) 898-2303
Dr. Rebecca Fredrickson, Assistant Professor, Teacher Education,, (940) 898-2238
Rebecca Hilving, GTA, Sociology,, (940) 898-2052
Jamie Jones, GTA, English, Speech & Foreign Language,, (940) 898-2324 
Dr. Alfred Litton, Associate Professor, English, Speech & Foreign Language & Director of Honors Programs,, (940) 898-2337
Dr. Linda Marshall,  Associate Professor, Sociology & Social Work,, (940) 898-2072
Dr. Nona McCaleb, Adjunct Professor, Dance,, (940) 898-2086
Dr. Junalyn Navarra-Madsen, Associate Professor, Math & Computer Science,, (940) 898-2168
Lena Nguyen, GTA, Psychology & Philosophy,, (940) 898-2303
Dr. Keri Overall, Adjunct Faculty, English, Speech, & Foreign Language,, (940) 898-2324
Holly Pottle, GTA, Sociology,, (940) 898-2052
Dr. Jeffrey Robb, Professor, History/Government,, (940) 898-2148
Dr. Lisa Rosen, Assistant Professor, Psychology & Philosophy,, (940) 898-2346
Elizabeth Snapp, Adjunct Faculty, History & Government,, (940) 898-2133


Gail OrlandoGail Orlando
Senior Secretary
HDB 307H

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