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Your Future in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies

Mukamtagara Jendayi

A Master of Arts degree in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies is a unique qualification. It demonstrates your ability to succeed in a rigorous, dynamic academic environment and opens up a broad range of employment and educational opportunities. It is a degree that can aptly be described as transdisciplinary, transgressive, and transformative.

When you complete a graduate degree in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies, you will enjoy all of the advantages typically associated with a liberal arts education. Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies fosters enhanced critical thinking skills as well as effective written and oral communication skills. At the same time, students develop the kind of breadth of knowledge that can only come from a transdisciplinary curriculum grounded in diverse perspectives. These qualifications are highly prized by employers and also can provide students with a strong foundation for advanced study in sociology, anthropology, rhetoric, literature, philosophy, religious studies, public policy, law, and other fields.

However, the M.A. in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies isn't any ordinary liberal arts degree. Our curriculum transcends traditional academic boundaries and is based on a holistic vision that draws on multiple theoretical fields and methodologies. Thus, a degree in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies enables you to both understand traditional ways of knowing and transgress them in ways that promote insight, creative problem-solving, and new knowledges in a wide variety of fields.

Completing a degree in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies is a transformative experience. It will enhance your ability to think relationally and globally. It will help you to deepen your appreciation for diverse people, cultures, and points of view. It will also prepare you to assess and effectively address inequalities in whatever forms and contexts they exist. In short, a degree in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies can help prepare you to transform the world.

Career Resources for Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies Students

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Reasons to Choose Our Graduate Program

One of the most diverse universities in the nation, TWU offers the only M.A. in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex region.  Our classes are small in size, thereby encouraging discussion, dialogue, and engaged learning. More about “Reasons to Choose Our Graduate Program”...

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Graduate Students in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies Say...

"Graduating from the Women's Studies Program of Texas Woman's University has been the most important and empowering aspect of my entire college education." More about “Graduate Students in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies Say...”...

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